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27 Nov 2002

Source: Newsday, November 27, 2002.

Smith seeks study of postal workers exposed to anthrax

HAMILTON, N.J. -- A congressman has asked for a federal study on the possible long-term health effects on postal workers and others who were exposed to anthrax last year and took strong antibiotics as a precaution.

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., said Wednesday he wants the Centers for Disease Control to conduct a study of the anthrax exposure and the treatment regimes experienced by thousands of workers at postal facilities in Hamilton and Washington, D.C.

Anthrax-laden letters processed at the facilities were addressed to NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, the New York Post and the Washington, D.C., offices of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Sen. Patrick Leahy. All bore Trenton postmarks.

Five people died and 13 others were sickened in the attacks last fall. There were five confirmed anthrax infections and two suspected cases in New Jersey -- all but one in postal workers -- but no fatalities.

Smith, whose district includes Hamilton, said postal workers there are still complaining about medical complications they did not have prior to anthrax exposure and taking medication such as Cipro.

He said a study by the CDC would ensure those who were exposed get proper medical attention in the future.