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TIES for Adoption

Project: Professional Development, Family Support, and Community Building to Promote Adoption of Children who were Prenatally Exposed to Drugs Funding Agency: Adoption Opportunities Program, Administration on Children, Youth and Families

Lead Organization: Adoption Division, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), County of Los Angeles

Subgrantee: Department of Pediatrics, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Principle Investigators: Sara Berman, MSW, DCFS Adoptions Division, and Neal Halfon, MD, MPH, UCLA Department of Pediatrics/Community Health Sciences

Project Director: Susan B. Edelstein, MSW, LCSW

Adoption Division Liaison: Joseph Prusak, MSW

Award Number: 90-CO-0743

Funding Period: 10/01/95 - 09/30/97

A partnership between the Adoptions Division, Department of Children and Family Services (DCSF), County of Los Angeles, and the Department of Pediatrics, University of Los Angeles, this model demonstration project has the goal of improving adoption services to infants and children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol and/or other drugs. Through a coordinates and multifaceted approach coordinating professional development, family support, and community building, the program will promote the successful adoption and healthy growth and developmetn of infants and children who were prentally exposed to alcohol and/or other drugs, who are in the foster care system, and whose permanent plans do not involve living with their biological families or with relatives.

At the conclusion of the two-year grant period and following formal evaluation of all program components, project staff with have completed written curricula to facilitate replication of the model, a monograph describing the evaluation of program components, a community resource directory, and presentations contributing to the currently limited knowledge base regarding adoption of children who were prenatally exposed to drugs. Ties for Adoptions Support Services for Adoptive Families Pre-Adoption Counseling Following participation in the three additional TIES for Adoption MAPP session and prior to adoptive placement, families desiring additional guidance may participate in one or two individual one-hour consultation sessions with the project director and/or health/child development coordinator. Depending on specific concerns, sessions may focus on an individual child already in the parentsí care or who has been presentes as a prospective adoptive child, or they may focus in more general questions to help parents determine whether adopting a child with prenatal substance exposure is an appropriate option for them. Post-Placement Services for Adoptive Families A continuum of post-placement services will be offeres to adoptive parents/couples following completion of the first and/or second enhanced MAPP session(s) each year. To help parents integrate children wirh prenatal alcohol and/or drug exposure into their families, program services will include:

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