Project 3

Corner Store Makeovers in East Los Angeles:
Improving Healthy Food Access



Team Leaders:

Alexander N. Ortega, PhD
Deborah Glik, ScD
Michael Prelip, DPA, MPH, CHES, CPH

Store Makeovers

To address food access disparities in East LA, in Project 3 we will 'make over' four corner stores, a common venue for food purchasing. We will partner with store owners to expand offerings of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food, increase healthy food marketing in stores, and improve the stores' visibility in the community.

Jalisco Market
Youth Partners


Youth Component

We will also partner with youth at a local high school to create and distribute outreach and education materials for community members about healthy food purchasing, preparation and eating. By partnering with both stores and the community, we hope to make over not only the stores themselves, but also to expand the market for healthy food in East LA.


2010 UCLA Center for Population Health and Health Disparities