Characteristics 39-year-old male, employed as machine mechanic
Onset date September 26, 2001
Medical care date September 26, 2001
MMWR date 50 (42), Oct. 26, 2001
Location Postal facility in New Jersey
Probable source Letters postmarked September 18
Disease type Cutaneous anthrax
Details The case was taken to a local hospital on September 26 for two bullous, vesicular lesions with surrounding erythema, edema, and induration on the right forearm, which progressed to black eschars. The patient was treated for cellulitis with ceftriaxone followed by amoxicillin/clavulanate. The patient was reported to CDC on October 17 and serologic testing at CDC was reactive to B. anthracis. No biopsy was obtained. The patient's condition improved.

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Death date Not applicable