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03 Jan 2003

Source: Associated Press, June 8, 2002.


Wallingford Anthrax Cleanup Done

WALLINGFORD - The U.S. Postal Service said Friday that the cleanup of the mail-processing center where anthrax spores were found in April has been completed and it will be working at full capacity this weekend.

Contractors were hired a month ago to decontaminate the ceiling area where three samples of anthrax were found in late April.

The center serves a large portion of Connecticut, including Oxford, where a 94-year-old woman died of inhalation anthrax in November (case 23).

On Dec. 2, about 3 million spores were found in mail-sorting machinery at the postal center. The machinery was cleaned, retested and found safe.

But more testing in April found anthrax in samples taken from the postal center's ceiling.