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17 Sep 2003


Thoughtful writings on the public health threat or epidemiological impact of biological weapons.

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U.S. doles out bioterrorism funds (2/01/02)

Terrorism grants go to states, cities (2/01/02)

Fill those science jobs (2/04/02)

Bush to request big spending push on bioterrorism (2/04/02)

Buckets for bioterrorism, but less for catalog of ills (2/05/02)

Early-warning bioterror research puts Pittsburgh on Bush's itinerary (2/05/02)

Bioterrorism funding boost slights CDC  (2/05/02)

Bioterrorism bonanza (2/06/02)

Bush: U.S. need more Bioterror funds  (2/06/02)

War and health  (2/07/02)

Schools translate terror Into curriculum changes  (2/08/02)

GMU bioterrorism center unites former foes (2/14/02)

U.S. tightening rules on keeping scientific secrets (2/17/02)

Biodefense funding creates quandary (2/19/02)

CDC chief Jeffrey Koplan resigns (2/21/02)

Embattled disease agency chief is quitting (2/22/02)

US health bodies reap funds for bioterrorism (3/2/02)

CDC enlists 146 disease detectives (3/7/02)

NIH plans bioterrorism research (3/14/02) 

Bioterrorism experts head to Atlanta (3/25/02) 

Centers for Disease Control chief takes post at Emory University (3/26/02)

Outgoing CDC chief Koplan takes post at Emory (3/26/02)

Bush taps Carmona as Surgeon General (3/27/02) 

Nominee would take his seat at a desk piled high with issues  (3/27/02)

David Fleming named acting director of CDC (3/30/02)

Georgia Senator proposes plan for CDC bioterrorism center (4/4/02)

What feds won't give CDC, Marcus will (4/4/02)

Russian lab storing germs faces cutoff of electricity (4/7/02)

U.S. health care system grapples with new role (4/7/02)

U.S. warns Russia of need to verify treaty compliance (4/8/02)

US bioterror effort may impact global disease fight  (4/16/02)

Thompson acknowledges confusion over who's in charge of bioterrorism cases (4/18/02)

Congress to seek attack contingency funds (4/19/02)

Disease detectives: ABC experiments with CDC drama (4/22/02)

Losing the race with bugs: bacteria beats new drugs (4/25/02)

Mr. Moussaoui's message (4/25/02)

Senator cautions on bioterrorism (4/26/02)

Montana lab may lead bioterror defense (4/28/02)

US stance rattles Korean Peninsula (4/28/02)

Study urges focus on terrorism with high fatalities, cost (4/29/02)

Ridge suggests likely effects of homeland-security campaign  (4/30/02) 

Scientific speed is the key in fighting bioterror (5/1/02)

Anti-bioterror chief steps down (5/3/02)

Henderson steps down from U.S. bioterror post (5/7/02)

Officials warned on bioterror (5/8/02)

Mailroom meltdown at Library of Congress (5/16/02)

Civil-liberties issues check plans to fight bioterrorism (5/17/02)

New boss tackling germ lab problems (5/21/02)

Conferees agree on bioterror bill (5/22/02)

House sweeps through bioterrorism bill (5/23/02)

City simulates bioterror disaster (5/23/02)

Bioterrorism legislation puts new scrutiny on researchers, allows current projects to continue (5/24/02)

US mulls development of counter-terror technologies (5/29/02)

FDA acts to speed bioterror medicines (5/31/02)

In search of antiterror drugs (6/3/02)

Weighing an attack on Iraq... (6/3/02)

Poll: most Americans want security (6/11/02)

Bush signs $4.6B bioterror bill (6/12/02)

Bioterror defense bill signed (6/13/02)

Inquiry gives fresh hope to Gulf veterans (6/16/02)

Taking the right measures to end the WMD threat (6/18/02)

Doctors to check up on possible terrorism (6/19/02)

Filtering out bioterrorism (6/20/02)

Scientists urge terrorism defense (6/25/02)

Congress warned against shifting CDC programs (6/26/02)

CDC director choices are sent to Bush (6/29/02)

We've got more risk than our brains can handle (6/30/02)

Homeland-Office plan splinters, public-health duties, critics say (7/1/02)

Tensions between CDC, White House (7/1/02)

Infectious disease expert to lead CDC (7/3/02)

Squaring off over nominee (7/8/02)

Researcher shows how terrorists could create deadly pathogens (7/12/02)

U.S. says Iraq would target troops (7/14/02)

A first step on U.S. biodefense (7/14/02)

Mail-order molecules brew a terrorism debate (7/17/02)

Synthetic bioterror (7/18/02)

Feds asked to watch DNA shipments (7/19/02)

Go on, call Bush's bluff (7/22/02)

Many states reject bioterrorism law (7/23/02)

Carmona Is easily confirmed as new U.S. Surgeon General (7/24/02)

CDC begins ambitious program to shore up facilities that are falling apart  (7/28/02)

In Assessing Iraq's arsenal, the 'reality Is uncertainty' (7/31/02)

A handle on deadly 'bugs' (8/16/02)

CDC says they're prepared to handle bioterrorism (8/28/02)

New troops enlist at CDC to fight disease (8/30/02)

Quiet federal disease lab has new mission after 9/11 (9/2/02)

Gearing for bioterror (9/8/02)

Many worry that nation is still highly vulnerable to germ attack (9/9/02)

At disease centers, a shift in mission and metabolism (9/10/02)

FDA grows to counter challenges of terrorism (9/11/02)

Taking measure of 9/11 and other numbers (9/11/02)

 Farms vulnerable to terrorism, study says (9/14/02)

 Recipes for death (9/17/02)

 U.S. makes major strides, yet much work remains, in preparing for bioterrorism (9/18/02)

CDC head: agency more prepared for bioterror attack (9/19/02)

 Bioterror targets may be on farms (9/20/02)

 Where would bioterrorism victims be quarantined? (9/22/02)

 To fight bioterror, doctors look for ways to spur immune system (9/24/02)

 Blair says Iraqis could launch chemical warheads in minutes (9/25/02)

 adv30 (9/25/02)

 Israelis prepare for life in the bull's-eye again (9/26/02)

 Scientists have next move on chessboard that is Iraq (9/28/02)

 Vaccine research shows resurgence (9/29/02)

 Dr. Frank Young on US response to bioterrorism (9/29/02)

 CDC sees progress in terror response (9/30/02)

Labs under the microscope (9/30/02)

U.S. supplied germs to Iraq in '80s (10/1/02)

U.S. likely sent Iraq toxic bugs (10/2/02)

How vulnerable are troops if Iraq taps poison agents? (10/2/02)

US plans a system to detect bioattack (10/3/02)

Report cites Iraq's recent weapons role (10/5/02)

At the health department, the messengers still stumble (10/8/02)

Bioweapons tested in U.S. in 1960s (10/9/02)

Cold war bio-weapon tests included California (10/10/02)

A virus-fed doomsday (10/10/02)

The biowarriors (10/10/02)

Publish and perish? (10/11/02)

Inside the mind of a dictator (10/12/02)

Research institutes unveil plans for Fort Detrick lab expansion (10/16/02)

Fauci addresses bioterrorism threats (10/18/02)

Bioterror info for docs (10/21/02)

What Al Qaeda learned in D.C. (10/26/02)

U.S. tested a nerve gas in Hawaii (11/1/02)

Only Florida prepared for bioterrorism (11/2/02)

Health depts. aim to spot bioterror (11/3/02)

UC Davis proposes new lab to study bioterrorism agents (11/4/02)

Better public health training urged (11/4/02)

Of terrorists and mosquitoes (11/5/02)

For Iraq inspectors, 'yellow cake' and other quarries (11/10/02)

'The Demon in the Freezer': A terrifying microbe (11/10/02)

Moscow toll revives concerns over chemical attacks (11/11/02)

Beef up the biotreaty (11/12/02)

Jittery Britain to advise public how to react to terror attacks (11/16/02)

Inspectors to scour Iraq for mobile weapons labs (11/17/02)

Politicizing vaccines (11/18/02)

Back to the usual pork (11/19/02)

After many months of labor, the birth of an agency (11/20/02)

Hospitals plan link to detect bioterror (11/20/02)

Bioterrorism drill begins In Tucson, Arizona (11/21/02)

US farms called vulnerable to terrorism (11/22/02)

Compensating a must for vaccine injuries (11/25/02)

War on terrorism provokes massive Federal R&D move (11/25/02)

Despite 9/11, study finds 'significant safety and health hazards' at Capitol (11/26/02)

Homeland agency is big at birth (11/26/02)

Troops lack protective fear, say lawmakers (11/30/02)

Meet Dr. Germ: she built Iraq's deadly stockpiles (12/2/02)

Guidelines aim to tighten lab security (12/6/02)

Iraqi report: gold mine or minefield? (12/7/02)

UK terror plans shake-up (12/9/02)

Iraq lacks new proof of arms destruction (12/9/02)

Biodefense testing site coming to Bethesda (12/12/02)

After 9/11, universities are destroying biological agents (12/17/02)

Saddam's burden of proof (12/19/02)

U.S. declares 'material breach' by Iraq over arms inspections (12/20/02)

Meeting daily, U.S. nerve center prepares for terrorists (12/27/02)

Experts warn of Iraq's improved weapons (12/27/02)

Another attack: It can happen here (12/29/02)

Weapons 'inspectors' (12/30/02)

Cities ready with mock bioterror drills (1/1/03)

NIH funds set for small rise, breaking recent years' trend (1/2/03)

Terror fears may affect research dollars (1/3/03)

Vaccines seen a $10 billion market by '06 (1/7/03)

Official: U.S. has bioterrorism holes (1/8/03)

Military says it can't make enough vaccines for troops (1/9/03)

U.S. may classify some data on disease due to terror fears (1/10/03)

Aid agencies can help respond to terror attacks (1/10/03)

Veterans ask if gulf illnesses could happen again in Iraq (1/13/03)

Germ warfare researcher Riley D. Housewright dies (1/15/03)

Vaccine may be key to future of company (1/19/03)

Study urges more action to cut risks from weapons stockpiles (1/20/03)

Avant works on oral vaccine for Plague, Anthrax (1/22/03)

U.S. Is deploying a monitor system for germ attacks (1/22/03)

Why we know Iraq is lying (1/23/03)

Nos amis, the French (1/24/03)

Doctors warn Blair over Iraq attack (1/24/03)

Letter in The Lancet to the Right Honourable Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK (1/25/03)

Terror threat casts chill over world of bio-research (1/26/03)

US warns that bioterror attack is inevitable (1/26/03)

War is not justified, EU chief tells US and Britain (1/27/03)

Health data monitored for bioterror warning (1/27/03)

'Damning portrait' of arms programs (1/28/03)

Bush calls Iraq imminent threat (1/29/03)

Bush asks for more bioterror vaccines, drugs (1/29/03)

Project Bioshield is offering incentive for vaccine makers (1/30/03)

CDC chief: bioterror threat remains real (1/30/03)

South Africa's surrender was only half the battle (1/31/03)

Blix says he saw nothing to prompt a war (1/31/03)

WHO issues alert on food terrorism (1/31/03)

U.S. aims to prove Iraq has secret cache (2/1/03)

NIH braces for slower funding growth (2/2/03)

We will not shrink from war (2/3/03)

Top colleges offer few courses on threat of weapons of mass destruction, study says (2/4/03)

'Counter-terrorism' is in the eye of the beholder (2/4/03)

Schröder's team not telling full story on Iraq, foes say (2/4/03)

The real case against Iraq (2/5/03)

Scientists face security dilemma (2/6/03)

Iraq defies U.N., Powell says (2/6/03)

Powell's smoking gun (2/6/03)

Labs unprepared for chemical attacks (2/7/03)

Humanitarian groups unprepared for Iraq war (2/8/03)

Why Iraq 's 'Dr Germ' is key target for weapons inspectors (2/9/03)

Behind name loved by Islam, troubling firms Powell cited (2/10/03)

Not even the reputable Powell could alter opinion in Europe (2/10/03)

Pursuit of secure lab faces tough competition (2/11/03)

FBI Director warns of possible terrorist attacks against colleges (2/12/03)

Biodefense lab on the defensive (2/12/03)

Be prepared: bioattack manageable (2/12/03)

CDC focuses on 'highest' risks  (2/13/03)

Duct tape and Anthrax (2/14/03)

N95 masks flying off shelves, but they offer scant protection (2/15/03)

Inspection report firms up Council's opposition to war (2/15/03)

Disarming Iraq (2/15/03)

Science journals change editing methods (2/15/03)

The U.N.'s responsibility (2/16/03)

Is a war necessary? Why now? who agrees? (2/16/03)

Specialized marine unit readies to respond to the unthinkable (2/17/03)

Mr. Bush's liberal problem (2/18/03)

U.S. agriculture could be vulnerable to terrorists (2/21/03)

US military prepares for Iraq to use chemical and biological weapons (2/22/03)

Anti-terror readiness still lacking (2/23/03)

Public health's main fear over bioterrorism: surge capacity (2/24/03)

Scientific whodunits win award (2/24/03)

Monkey's escape may sink biodefense lab (2/24/03)

A weapon weakened: antibiotics (2/24/03)

Terror's dual threats of bombs and biology (2/25/03)

Missing lab monkey believed dead (2/27/03)

U.S. fighters place faith in weapons (2/27/03)

Forget the advice -- give us vaccinations (3/2/03)

UK terror attack exercise planned (3/3/03)

Homeland Security Becomes an Opportunity for Biotech Firms (3/3/03)

Yolo board again backs UCD biolab (3/5/03)

'Dream team' of scientists prepares for worst (3/5/03)

Fear is still the thing to fear (3/6/03)

Bioterror expert factors in war (3/8/03)

Fear factor (3/10/03) 

Scientists face background checks (3/12/03)

Can we find the weapons? (3/14/03)

The right way in Iraq (3/14/03)

Panic button (3/14/03)

When war Is the best medicine (3/16/03)

Rare health alert is issued for mystery illness (3/16/03)

Iraq links germs for weapons to U.S. and France (3/16/03)

France denies it knowingly helped Iraqi arms drive (3/17/03)

Doctors work to identify pathogen for deadly pneumonia breakout (3/17/03)

Health Dept. prepares for war (3/17/03)

Chinese bureaucracy blocked news, failed to inform doctors (3/18/03)

Researchers find clues that a virus is causing the mysterious illness, but seek proof (3/19/03)

Diseases without borders (3/19/03)

Are States prepared for a bioterror attack? (3/19/03)

W.H.O. reports gains against respiratory outbreak (3/20/03)

Database on alert for outbreaks (3/20/03)

Intelligence suggests Hussein allowed chemical-weapon use (3/20/03)

Biological and chemical weapons would slow but not stop troops (3/21/03)

Papers debate use of teams to react quickly to terror (3/22/03)

California vulnerable to outbreak (3/22/03)

Scientists find mystery illness virus (3/22/03)

Al Qaeda near biological, chemical arms production (3/23/03)

Untested companies enlist in U.S. biodefense (3/23/03)

ERs prepare for another battle front (3/24/03)

A vile business (3/24/03)

Lab technicians eagerly await work (3/24/03)

Obstacles confront anti-terror efforts (3/25/03)

Experts see gains and gaps in planning for terror attack (3/25/03)

Mystery illness could be related to virus that causes the common cold, CDC says (3/25/03)

Federal agencies begin bioterrorism test (3/25/03)

Airport shows off "human carwash" (3/26/03)

Disease detectives face a new world (3/27/03)

China revises toll of dead, ill from mystery sickness (3/27/03)

A mystery illness spreads in Asia, and so does fear (3/28/03)

Strategic tracking of sniffles (3/28/03)

Doctor who ID'd mystery illness dies (3/29/03)

Push for 3 biolabs worries experts (3/29/03) 

U.S. warning on respiratory disease (3/30/03)

Emerging threats (3/30/03)

Cautionary cover-up (3/31/03)

HK quarantines deadly virus flats (3/31/03)

Quarantine China (3/31/03)

Terror preparations may pay off as U.S. hospitals brace for SARS (4/1/03)

Ideal sensors for terror attack don't exist yet (4/1/03)

Why epidemics still surprise us (4/1/03)

Peacenik toils for the Pentagon (4/2/03)

CDC unveils new command center (4/2/03)

Many questions, fewer answers on a mysterious respiratory syndrome (4/2/03)

Tighten disease tracking (4/2/03)

Isolation possibly thwarted SARS spread (4/3/03)

As troops advance, truth about Iraq's arsenal looms (4/3/03)

S.F.'s bio-warfare sentries (4/3/03)

Pets may be first bioterrorism alert (4/4/03)

Epidemics can take a variety of courses (4/4/03)

An early warning system for diseases in New York (4/4/03)

As Iraq's war options narrow, risk of chemical attack rises (4/4/03)

Put high-tech labs Into the fight against SARS and bioterrorism  (4/4/03)

Bush Authorizes Quarantine of SARS Victims (4/5/03)

SARS still has the experts guessing (4/6/03)

Natural causes emerge as key to mystery illness (4/6/03)

Divergent Asian responses show difficulties in dealing with SARS (4/7/03)

On the lookout for Gulf War illness (4/7/03)

Flu shot for the CDC (4/8/03)

Scientists optimistic SARS in U.S. can be contained (4/8/03)

SARS 'spread by cockroaches' (4/8/03)

In search of horror weapons (4/9/03)

21st century role for quarantines (4/9/03)

Singapore woman linked to 100 SARS cases (4/9/03)

Increase focus on microscopic threats (4/10/03)

Doctor on trail of another deadly virus (4/10/03)

Hong Kong sets new SARS quarantines (4/10/03)

Arms scientists said to have fled to Syria (4/12/03)

Inspections required to end sanctions, UN says (4/12/03)

For the latest disease, a faster response (4/13/03)

Surrender of top science advisor to Hussein heartens U.S. officials (4/13/03)

Technology aided response to SARS (4/13/03)

Lab decodes genes of virus tied to SARS (4/14/03)

Are quarantines back? (4/14/03)

The lessons from SARS (4/15/03)

How one person can fuel an epidemic (4/15/03)

Some hospitals to rebuff victims of bioterrorism (4/16/03)

The weapons hunt (4/16/03)

U.S. civilian experts say bureaucracy and infighting jeopardize search for weapons (4/16/03)

A lesson for China in SARS (4/16/03)

Dutch scientists prove virus is cause of SARS (4/17/03)

Top-secret lab in Md. hunts 'smoking gun' (4/17/03)

Bio-terror (4/17/03)

Unprepared For a Plague (4/18/03)

New policies needed for global epidemics (4/18/03)

Wielding a big stick, carefully, against SARS (4/20/03)

New eye cast on unusual diseases (4/20/03)

Lethal legacy: bioweapons for sale (4/20/03)

Biotoxins fall into private hands (4/21/03)

Economies sickened by a virus, and fear (4/21/03)

Sniffing New York's air ducts for signs of terror (4/22/03)

The last chance to eradicate SARS (4/23/03)

Health officials seek help from U.S. to control virus (4/23/03)

Quarantine laws being updated (4/23/03)

Why do Americans believe danger lurks everywhere? (4/24/03)

 An inner peace (4/24/03)

 Epidemics of fear and mistrust (4/24/03)

 World's most dangerous germs, coming to a campus near you? (4/25/03)

 CDC turns to private aid to stay healthy (4/25/03)

 U.S. still has not found Iraqi arms (4/26/03)

 Students curb fake disease outbreaks (4/26/03 )

  Concern grows over weapons hunt setback (4/27/03)

 SAMS -- severe acute media syndrome?(4/28/03)

 A germ has a ticket to ride, and airlines can't stop it (4/28/03)

 Columbia opens unit on disasters (4/29/03)

 Truck is tested for biological agents (4/29/03)

 Baffling resistance to SARS (4/30/03)

 With few cases in U.S., patients accept isolation and quarantine (4/30/03)

 A plea for careful SARS coverage (4/30/03)

New cause of SARS found (5/1/03)

Biodefense plan greeted with caution (5/2/03)

Chicago, Seattle plan drills to test terror preparedness (5/2/03)

 Lessons of Anthrax attacks help U.S. respond to SARS (5/2/03)

 Inside the WHO as it mobilized to fight battle to control SARS (5/2/03)

 Lock 'em up (5/2/03)

 SARS may be just the start (5/3/03)

  Health agency took swift action against SARS (5/4/03)

 Rogue science (5/4/03)

 The SARS epidemic (5/4/03)

 World's labs unite against viral enemy (5/5/03)

 Scientists' hunt for SARS cure (5/5/03)

 Iraqi scientists cautiously consider surrender (5/5/03)

 China's health care disaster (5/6/03)

  A Chinese lab's race to ID and halt SARS (5/6/03)

 Missing in action: truth (5/6/03)

  Germ warfare (5/6/03)

 The front lines of biowarfare (5/6/03)

 Leading microbial biologist detained (5/6/03)

 Reassurances given in Beijing (5/7/03)

  Study in Hong Kong suggests a higher rate of SARS death (5/7/03)

 U.S. aides say Iraqi truck could be a germ-war lab (5/8/03)

 Nonstop SARS investigation stretches CDC (5/8/03)

 A hotbed of SARS warfare (5/8/03)

 Researchers shed new light on virus, 'super spreaders' (5/9/03)

 The SARS mystery (5/10/03)

UC Berkeley modifies SARS ban to allow more students (5/11/03)

 After a disappointing start, U.S. retools weapons search (5/11/03)

Iraq's 'Dr. Germ' surrenders to coalition (5/12/03)

Iraq's Mobile Laboratories (5/13/03)

Homeland security drill starts in Seattle (5/13/03)

Iran said to be producing bioweapons (5/15/03)

Iran's bioweapons are fiercer, Tehran opposition group says (5/16/03)

Iran denies has banned weapons or shelters Al Qaeda (5/16/03)

U.S. bioterrorism drills end in Chicago (5/16/03)

Biolab only on campus, UCD is told (5/16/03)

Bush not likely to suffer if weapons search fails (5/17/03)

Coronavirus confirmed as cause of SARS (5/17/03)

W.H.O. scientists say tactics to fight SARS are working (5/18/03)

UC Berkeley reverses ban on students from SARS areas (5/18/03)

SARS scare reminiscent of 1918 crisis (5/19/03)

The search for SARS's past may help predict its future (5/20/03)

U.S. analysts link Iraq labs to germ arms (5/21/03)

We still face the menace of Iraq's hidden horrors (5/22/03)

Can this man cure Sars? (5/22/03)

Epidemiologists need to shatter the myth of a risk-free life (5/23/03)

A tiny realm, a gigantic reach (5/26/03)

 Intra-Times battle over Iraqi weapons (5/26/03)

Global collaboration on SARS bears fruit (5/26/03)

Ft. Detrick unearths hazardous surprises (5/27/03)

Death throes of a crippler (5/27/03)

Seoul's vulnerability is key to war scenarios (5/27/03)

Bush just talks the talk on security (5/28/03)

WHO vows to overhaul health regulations (5/28/03)

U.S. concludes Iraqi trailers were biological-weapons labs (5/29/03)

Blix report increases pressure on allies to justify rush to war (6/3/03)

SARS has virus hunter very busy (6/3/03)

Preventing future bioweapons risks (6/4/03)

Readiness for chemical attack criticized (6/4/03)

Taking over CDC, current director institutes quick response to crises (6/4/03)

Disaster drills (6/5/03)

Some analysts of Iraq trailers reject Germ use (6/7/03)

Iraq had secret labs, officer says (6/8/03)

Medical alert (6/8/03)

Germ research gets urgent (6/9/03)

In post-9/11 world, vaccine research gains new respect (6/9/03)

CDC's calming voice gets the word out (6/11/03) 

Epidemiology: The spread of epidemiology (6/12/03)

A break from healing the world (6/15/03)

Infections now more widespread (6/15/03)

Leap from animals to humans (6/15/03)

AMA pushes bioterror preparedness effort (6/17/03)

Beyond cute: exotic pets come bearing exotic germs (6/17/03)

Tale of a dangerous rat (6/17/03)

Further Sars outbreaks loom (6/18/03)

Scientists search for human hand behind outbreak of jungle virus (6/19/03)

Uncertainty plagues SARS fight (6/20/03)

Isolation, an old medical tool, has SARS fading (6/21/03)

New graduate program at GMU to focus on biodefense (6/22/03)

Still no bioshield (6/23/03)

The state of biotechnology (6/23/03)

Bush pushes for BioShield passage (6/24/03)

Behind the mask, the fear of SARS (6/24/03)

When animal germs infect humans (6/24/03)

Outbreak 'licked' (6/26/03)

Pfizer Sees progress on drugs for malaria, Smallpox , SARS (6/27/03)

The personal predicament of public health (6/27/03)

Bioterrorism lab denied grant for federal funding (6/28/03)

Masks off - for now (6/29/03)

CDC's Gerberding seen as new face of public health (6/29/03)

Serious diseases cloud summer (7/1/03)

Highly infectious, hardly understood (7/1/03)

Terrorism and the biology lab (7/2/03)

Bethesda residents fear new NIH lab would be terror target (7/2/03)

Death sought for animals in Monkeypox case (7/3/03)

Coroner official cites a need for threat defense (7/3/03)

Medical Corps to increase, reorganize (7/4/03)

Report calls U.S. agencies understaffed for bioterror (7/6/03)

Residents, officials split over boom in biolab construction (7/8/03)

Feds lack biodefense talent (7/9/03)

Meat inspections declining, impact of policy is contested (7/10/03)

A better mousetrap is built, detecting deadly bacteria  (7/11/03)

Are we ready? (7/13/03)

In SARS aftermath, the WHO's in charge (7/13/03)

Al Qaeda and the plaintiff's bar (7/14/03)

Bioterror self-triage hopes to avert panic (7/14/03)

Striving to keep pace (7/14/03)

New bugs (7/15/03)

House backs $5.6 billion fund to develop bioterror remedies (7/17/03)

The SARS triumph, and what it promises (7/20/03)

Scientist was the 'bane of proliferators' (7/21/03)

SARS — Looking Back over the First 100 Days (7/24/03)

As NIH increases security, residents' isolation, ire heightened (7/27/03)

Snags for bioterror drug plan (7/29/03)

BU bioterror lab bugs neighbor (7/31/03)

Report: more bioterrorism work necessary (8/6/03)

From bug to drug (8/9/03)

Monkey shortage said slowing research (8/9/03)

Secrecy law will apply to UCD labs (8/16/03)

Opposition grows to BU's biodefense lab plan (8/19/03)

Health corps shift under fire (8/21/03)

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Anthrax Archives

CDC Webcast: Anthrax -- What every clinician should know (10/18/01) (requires Real Player)

Audio & Video Webcast: Anthrax Update -- Interview with CDC Director J. P. Koplan (10/18/01) (requires Real Player)

CDC Update: Investigation of bioterrorism-related Anthrax and interim guidelines for exposure management and antimicrobial therapy (10/01/01)

How anthrax vaccine protects against human disease (10/29/01)

CDC Interim Recommendations for protecting workers from exposure to Bacillus anthracis in work site where mail Is handled or processed (10/31/01)

CDC Updated Information about how to recognize and handle a suspicious package or envelope (10/31/01)

CDC Advisory: Use of Ciprofloxacin or Doxycycline for postexposure prophylaxis for prevention of inhalational Anthrax (10/31/01)

Video Webcast: Anthrax -- What every clinician should know, Part 2 (11/1/01) (requires Real Player)

MMWR: Interim guidelines for investigation of and response to Bacillus Anthracis exposures (11/9/01)

MMWR: Considerations for distinguishing Influenza-like illness from inhalational Anthrax (11/9/01)

CDC Update: Investigation of bioterrorism-related Anthrax and adverse events from antimicrobial prophylaxis (11/9/01)

FBI Update: FBI evidence assessment of anthrax letters (11/9/01)

CDC Update: Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Anthrax, 2001 (11/16/01)

CD C Update: Adverse Events Associated with Anthrax Prophylaxis Among Postal Employees -- New Jersey, New York City, and the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area, 2001 (11/30/01)

CDC Update: Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Inhalational Anthrax ---Connecticut, 2001 (11/30/01)

CDC Update: Anthrax Investigation Telebriefing Transcript (11/30/01)

CDC Update: Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Inhalational Anthrax ---Connecticut, 2001 (12/7/01)

HHS Statement: regarding additional options for preventive treatment for those exposed to inhalational Anthrax   (12/18/01)

CDC Update: Evaluation of Bacillus anthracis Contamination Inside the Brentwood Mail Processing and Distribution Center --- District of Columbia, October 2001 (12/21/01)

Notice to MMWR Readers: Additional options for preventive treatment for persons exposed to inhalational Anthrax (12/21/01)

CDC Responds: Update on Options for Preventive Treatment for Persons at Risk for Inhalational Anthrax (12/21/01)

CDC Responds: Treatment Options for Postal and Other Workers Exposed to Anthrax (12/21/01)

FBI Anthrax reward flyer (1/23/02)

Notice to MMWR Readers: Status of U.S. Department of Defense preliminary evaluation of the association of Anthrax vaccination and congenital anomalies  (2/15/02) 

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Archived Anthrax News Stories and Journal Articles

Click here for archives of earlier stories and articles

FBI reform: connect Anthrax dots (6/3/02)

Congressional panel widens terror probe (6/5/02)

Update: Cutaneous Anthrax in a Laboratory Worker -- Texas, 2002 (6/7/02) 

Administration sued in Anthrax case (6/7/02)

Wallingford Anthrax cleanup done (6/8/02)

Daschle pledges to hurry reopening (6/10/02) 

Anthrax theory emerges (6/13/02)

Anthrax cleanup nearing end (6/14/02)

FBI probes leads on Anthrax source (6/14/02)

Brentwood deaths put employees on edge (6/15/02)

Genetics not helping Anthrax probe (6/19/02)

Anthrax in mail was newly made, investigators say (6/23/02)

Scars from Anthrax attacks are fading but are not fully healed (6/23/02)

Anthrax spores from Hill said to be made recently (6/23/02)

Anthrax probe frustrates lawmakers (6/23/02)

FBI mystified by anthrax attacks (6/24/02)

Searching for Anthrax clues (6/25/02)

Frederick scientist's home searched in anthrax probe (6/26/02)

Scientist theorized anthrax mail attack (6/27/02)

Biological warfare experts questioned in Anthrax probe (6/28/02)

Officials detail Brentwood cleanup plans (6/28/02)

Pentagon to resume Anthrax vaccinations (6/29/02)

'90 study aided experts in stockpile decision (6/29/02)

Anthrax probe focuses on scientists (6/29/02)

AWB sympathiser quizzed over anthrax killings (7/1/02)

Anthrax? The F.B.I. yawns (7/2/02)

Irradiating mail to Congress may be making workers ill (7/2/02)

No Anthrax found in home of former US Army scientist (7/3/02)

Solving the Anthrax case -- with no mistakes (7/8/02)

This war needs quiet lawyers (7/9/02)

Anthrax case homes in on unusual suspect (7/10/02)

The Anthrax files (7/12/02)

Postal inspector's severe illness defies diagnosis after 9 months (7/15/02)

Two think patient's symptoms may be missed Anthrax (7/17/02)

Boss says Md. doctor isn't anthrax suspect (7/18/02)

Case of the missing Anthrax (7/19/02)

White House warns on Anthrax tests (7/19/02)

Student who kept Anthrax charged (7/23/02)

A lack of teamwork (7/23/02)

UConn student disputes Anthrax case (7/24/02)

NZ scientists find Anthrax in Scott's Antarctic hut (7/24/02)

At anthrax base, 'space suits' and haze of suspicion (7/25/02)

Brentwood fumigation equipment faces test (7/26/02)

Optimism, Uncertainty Over Brentwood Plant (7/27/02)

An anthrax cleanup stirs uncertainties (7/27/02)

Army aims to correct "sloppy methods" after accidental release of anthrax spores (7/27/02)

Here they zap, if not zip, mail to U.S. government (7/29/02)

No problems In test-run of Brentwood fumigation (7/30/02)

Md. home searched in probe of Anthrax (8/2/02)

FBI Again searches the home of former Army researcher (8/2/02)

Third FBI search of researcher’s apartment (8/2/02)

Researcher Is suspended during probe of Anthrax (8/3/02)

Still no arrests in Anthrax probe, but 'progress' is noted (8/4/02)

The hunt for the Anthrax killer (8/12/02, posted 8/5/02)

Anthrax vaccine maker calls finances shaky (8/5/02)

Security clearance with faulty resume (8/8/02)

Anthrax probe proceeding with increased vigor (8/8/02)

Long after Anthrax scare, agency mail delays persist (8/8/02)

Man in Anthrax probe bragged of ties (8/8/02)

Lawsuit over Anthrax death settled (8/9/02)

Anthrax inquiry draws protest from scientist's lawyers (8/10/02)

Ex-Army scientist denies role in Anthrax attacks (8/11/02)

Scientist says he's anthrax 'fall guy' (8/12/02)

Mr. Hatfill's complaint (8/13/02)

The Anthrax files (8/13/02)

FBI defends anthrax inquiry (8/13/02)

Anthrax finding prompts questions in Princeton about scientist (8/14/02)

Hatfill novel depicts terror attack (8/14/02)

Evidence lacking as probe of scientist in Anthrax scare intensifies (8/15/02)

Anthrax case poses troubling questions (8/15/02)

Who's suspect here? (8/16/02)

Post Office plans tests for Anthrax in New Jersey (8/17/02)

Gotcha (8/18/02)

Anthrax killer 'is US defence insider' (8/18/02)

Official suspects Anthrax is from last Fall (8/20/02)

3 postal centers tested in New Jersey (8/22/02)

Ashcroft: no charges yet in anthrax probe (8/22/02)

The trials of a citizen soldier (8/25/02)

Handling of Anthrax inquiry questioned (8/25/02)

Illness lingers, loyalty wanes (8/26/02)

Anthrax figure steps up offense (8/26/02)

Three postal centers free of Anthrax (8/27/02)

FBI returns to tabloid offices In search of new Anthrax leads (8/27/02)

In the lab, suspicion spreads (8/28/02)

The Anthrax probe: more FBI bungling? (8/30/02)

Culprit in anthrax attacks still elusive (9/2/02)

LSU fires scientist In Anthrax investigation (9/4/02)

LSU fires professor 'of interest' to FBI in Anthrax probe (9/5/02)

LSU: Justice did not cause Hatfill firing (9/5/02)

Blacklisting Steven Hatfill (9/5/02)

FBI criticized for failing to solve Anthrax case (9/5/02)

LSU axes official (9/5/02)

In second move, germ attack training center fires director (9/6/02)

The hunting of Steven J. Hatfill (9/16/02; posted 9/7/02)

Answers in anthrax probe still elusive (9/10/02)

Anthrax search in Boca building ends (9/11/02)

Overuse of Anthrax drug may prove deadly: scientist (9/11/02)

Agents finish building search (9/12/02)

Scientist's apartment searched a third time (9/12/02)

811 AMI letters among items collected (9/14/02)

Anthrax at AMI traveled via copiers (9/15/02)

Science slow to ponder ills that linger in Anthrax victims (9/16/02)

Post office tests Anthrax prevention (9/16/02)

Anthrax hunt conspires to dent confidence (9/17/02)

Anthrax hits, misses traced In CDC study (9/18/02)

Proof of 'person of interest' sought (9/19/02)

Dead anthrax spores entered Boca sewer (9/19/02)

Sen. Nelson’s anthrax cleanup bill revised (9/21/02)

Anthrax attacks pushed open an ominous door (9/22/02)

Anthrax probe raises doubts on FBI (9/23/02)

Brentwood post office gets new name (9/26/02)

Senate panel puts off bill for AMI cleanup (9/27/02)

Anthrax cleanup test ordered (9/27/02)

Anthrax attacks remembered (9/28/02)

Survivors still wrestle with pain, fatigue and shortness of breath (9/30/02)

Contaminated headquarters of tabloid publisher 'in limbo' (9/30/02)

Anthrax case remains frustrating (10/1/02)

NIH awards $22.5 million to develop Anthrax vaccine (10/4/02)

U.S. officials agonize over Anthrax decisions (10/4/02)

Anniversary of Stevens' death marks year since anthrax attacks (10/4/02)

Fired researcher in Anthrax probe plans to sue (10/5/02)

AMI -- one year later Perseverance keeps tabloid giant rolling following anthrax attack (10/6/02)

Questions linger a year after Anthrax mailings (10/7/02)

The Anthrax crisis (10/8/02)

A year later, clues on anthrax still few (10/9/02)

Former Army scientist forged Ph.D. certificate, school says (10/9/02)

An Anthrax widow may sue U.S. (10/9/02)

1 year later, anthrax alert still echoes (10/10/02)

Investigators gone, town remembers (10/13/02)

Anthrax episode side effects still trouble many (10/13/02)

Anthrax bout leaves grim legacy for survivors (10/14/02)

Armchair sleuths track Anthrax without a badge (10/14/02)

Anthrax simulation 'kills' half a million (10/15/02)

One year later, D.C. postal workers question handling of Anthrax crisis (10/15/02)

Firm to do human tests of new Anthrax vaccine (10/16/02)

Experts see lax preparation for bio-warfare (10/19/02)

Anthrax vaccinations resumed by Marines (10/19/02)

Truckload of anthrax-related waste coming to Norfolk (10/19/02)

One year later (10/20/02)

FBI in Zim, S. Africa (10/20/02)

Sleuth without a badge (10/28/02, posted 10/21/02)

Cast adrift by Anthrax (10/22/02)

Pilots left military over Anthrax (10/23/02)

Bloodhounds lead investigators to ex-government scientist in Anthrax case (10/23/02)

Mail rooms prepared one year after anthrax attack (10/25/02)

Vaccine controversy skips Pease (10/26/02)

FBI's theory on Anthrax is doubted (10/28/02)

FBI's use of bloodhounds in anthrax probe disputed (10/29/02)

Many workers ignored Anthrax pill regimen (10/30/02)

Anthrax cleanup of Brentwood to begin (11/2/02)

FBI secretly trying to re-create Anthrax from mail attacks (11/2/02)

Anthrax powder from attacks could have been made simply (11/3/02)

Anthrax under the microscope (11/5/02)

Anthrax patient has pneumonia (11/7/02)

U.S. says Baghdad is hiding anthrax (11/8/02)

Study to lower number of anthrax shots (11/8/02)

Anthrax victim back in hospital (11/9/02)

Anthrax survivor's life continues to be very different a year later (11/10/02)

Study: Low-level anthrax exposure not as dangerous (11/12/02)

Brentwood postal plant fumigation postponed (11/13/02)

A year after anthrax death, Connecticut prepares for possible bioterrorism threat (11/17/02)

Anthrax mystery still high priority (11/17/02)

Wallingford post office workers still angry, one year after anthrax contamination (11/17/02)

Anthrax: a political whodunit (11/17/02)

Budget irony: and the envelope, please... (11/19/02)

A year without Ottilie (11/21/02)

Smith seeks study of postal workers exposed to anthrax (11/27/02)

N.J. postal facility shuttered by Anthrax may open by summer (11/29/02)

Problems slow Brentwood fumigation (11/30/02)

For Postal Service, another level of Anthrax damages (12/3/02)

Postal Service probe on Anthrax urged (12/7/02)

Anthrax attacks set off a frenzy of invention (12/8/02)

Skilled technician behind Anthrax attacks, new CDC director believes (12/9/02)

Office activity stirs up weeks-old Anthrax spores  (12/10/02)

FBI investigators search Md. forest for anthrax (12/13/02)

Anthrax cleanup begins at Brentwood road site (12/15/02)

Crews begin Anthrax cleanup of State Dept. mail site in N.Va. (12/17/02)

Cleanup of anthrax will cost hundreds of millions of dollars (12/18/02)

No Anthrax leads in search of forest (12/19/02)

FBI is tracking Hatfill (12/23/02)

New Cipro, same side effects (12/24/02)

Anthrax fighters await outcome (12/27/02)

Anthrax, one year later (1/1/03)

Anthrax answer due in weeks (1/3/03)

U.K. troops told Anthrax vaccine is safe (1/8/03)

Brentwood postal worker sues officials over Anthrax (1/8/03)

More Anthrax suits likely against Postal Service (1/10/03)

Physician who spotted Anthrax will speak at local workshop (1/10/03)

Postal Service reports new Anthrax scare in D.C. (1/15/03)

Tests show no Anthrax at postal facility (1/16/03)

CDC anthrax study violated privacy regs (1/18/03)

Hunt for clues in Anthrax case revived (1/25/03)

Anthrax probe back near Hatfill's ex-home (1/27/03)

Lawmakers want government to buy Boca Raton Anthrax building (1/28/03)

Anthrax attacks exposed faults in health care (1/31/03)

Anthrax search in Md. mountains ends (1/31/03)

FBI conducts second anthrax probe (2/2/03)

A sentence of death for deadly Md. tower (2/4/03)

Two Marines who refused anthrax vaccine deployed to Middle East (2/8/03)

Ahead of the curve? (2/11/03)

Australian troops scared by anthrax vaccine (2/14/03)

Congress agrees to buy, clean up Anthrax-tainted AMI building (2/14/03)

Florida Anthrax victim widow files claim (2/15/03)

On the trail of a germ (2/17/03)

Overuse cited in Cipro ineffectiveness (2/19/03)

NAU Anthrax lab receives $450,000 grant (2/20/03)

Anthrax mystery still unsolved (2/26/03)

If It happened here (2/21-27/03)

What ever happened to Anthrax? (3/03)

No Anthrax spores found at Brentwood (3/5/03)

Three Sun journalists win honors in National Headliner Awards contest (3/7/03)

Blix says Iraq may still have Anthrax (3/8/03)

Marilyn Thompson's 'The Killer Strain' - homicidal Anthrax (3/9/03)

Decontaminating anthrax? Try soap, water (3/11/03)

New methods trace Anthrax source by water (3/12/03)

Iraq vows to help UN verify anthrax, VX were destroyed (3/14/03)

Plan aims to use pesticide to kill deadly anthrax (3/15/03)

Anthrax response plans inadequate, study warns (3/18/03)

Anthrax vaccine 'safe' (3/20/03)

Anthrax buried for good (3/22/03)

Government seeks volunteers for trials of Anthrax vaccine (3/26/03)

Critics say U.S. still vulnerable to anthrax (3/26/03)

Key to strains of Anthrax is discovered (3/27/03)

Iraq's 'Mrs Anthrax' sits with Saddam (3/29/03)

Postal service tests Anthrax detection (4/9/03)

Anthrax cleanup to close mail center a year more (4/11/03)

Tests point to domestic source behind anthrax letter attacks (4/11/03)

Did the FBI make rush to judgment? (4/15/03)

Building in Boca, site of Anthrax death, is sold (4/18/03)

Anthrax levels kept In secrecy (4/22/03)

State backs its handling of Anthrax incident (4/23/03)

Anthrax genome unveiled (5/1/03)

Anthrax Is found similar to common soil bacterium (5/1/03)

Key to Anthrax's toxicity is in its genetic code (5/5/03)

FBI still watching Hatfill (5/8/10)

  Syria helped U.S. catch 'Mrs. Anthrax' (5/8/03)

New find reignites Anthrax probe (5/11/03)

One person may be behind anthrax attacks (5/11/03)

FBI might drain Md. pond as part of its Anthrax probe (5/12/03)

Officials call water safe from Anthrax (5/13/03)

Anthrax: finally, the FBI uncovers a tantalizing clue (5/18/03)

The ghosts of Brentwood ( 5/18/03)

From Md. to Hamilton? Where Anthrax terror may have started (5/19/03)

FBI vehicle hits Hatfill, but he gets the $5 ticket ( 5/20/03)

Scientists suggest redoing Anthrax tests ( 5/20/03)

Postal Anthrax testing to expand (5/26/03)

FDA clears VaxGen's IND for Anthrax vaccine candidate (5/27/03)

Judge denies motions in Anthrax case (5/28/03)

Soldier guilty for refusing Anthrax shot (5/28/03)

Tests differ on Anthrax contamination at pond (5/30/03)

Media organization rebuffs Hatfill request to speak at conference (6/05/03)

Md. pond drained for clues in Anthrax probe (6/10/03)

Frederick pond being drained in anthrax case investigation (6/10/03)

FBI does some heavy-duty digging in Md. (6/14/03)

Anthrax probe poses only passing worry (6/15/03)

GAO scores contractor work, pay in Hart anthrax cleanup (6/18/03)

US Army, Emisphere to study oral Anthrax vaccine (6/19/03)

FDA clears human trials of Anthrax treatment (6/25/03)

Huge sieve strains muck in anthrax search (6/25/03)

FBI ends Anthrax probe in Maryland pond (6/29/03)

Subject of Anthrax inquiry tied to anti-germ training (7/2/03)

Anthrax suspect trained U.S. team on bioweapons (7/3/03)

Hatfill's biowar classes may have led to scrutiny (7/3/03)

Mock anthrax attack 'kills' 9,000 (7/3/03)

Anthrax Investigation (7/3/03)

Postal Anthrax detection test to begin (7/12/03)

A rare look at a top-secret facility (7/15/03)

Study: Anthrax bug disarms immune system (7/16/03)

New owners preparing to decontaminate Boca building hit by Anthrax in 2001 (7/18/03)

Anthrax case is a lure to persons of interest (7/20/03)

No vaccine, no glory, Navy says (7/21/03)

Post office unveils anthrax detector (7/23/03)

Unready for Anthrax (7/28/03)

Research group recommends longer Anthrax exposure treatment  (7/28/03)

Md. pond produces no Anthrax microbes (8/1/03)

Hatfill prepares suit while FBI continues Anthrax investigation (8/2/03)

Vaccine link raised in U.S troops' deaths (8/5/03)

FBI draws blank in Anthrax probe (8/5/03)

AMI building inspection called off (8/7/03)

Accused scientist says letter links to Anthrax mailers (8/10/03)

Scientist loses latest round (8/16/03)

Ark. letter processed in 2001 contained Anthrax traces (8/16/03)

Indian co. working on new Anthrax vaccine (8/19/03)

Anthrax probes routine for FBI (8/20/03)

Exclusive! It's doom for tabloid archives! (8/21/03)

Hatfill files suit to stop surveillance (8/27/03)

Owner of Anthrax building in Boca starts web site (8/27/03)

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Smallpox Archives

CDC: Vaccinia (smallpox) vaccine: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. MMWR 50(RR-10) (6/22/01)

WHO revised guidelines on Smallpox vaccine guidance (10/02/01)

CDC Webcast: Smallpox: what every clinician should know (12/13/01)

CDC Webcast: Smallpox preparedness (12/5-6/02)

CDC: Recommendations for using Smallpox vaccine in a pre-event vaccination program (2/26/03)

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Archived Smallpox News Stories and Journal Articles

Click here for archives of earlier stories and articles

Officials work to meet deadline for Smallpox vaccinations (12/1/02)

UK to vaccinate health workers against Smallpox (12/2/02)

C.I.A. hunts Iraq tie to Soviet Smallpox (12/3/02)

Smallpox readiness plan detailed (12/3/02)

Union says Smallpox plan falls short (12/3/02)

A pox on all our houses  (12/4/02)

Smallpox vaccine reactions jolt experts (12/5/02)

Thinking about Smallpox (12/5/02)

G7, Mexico say preparing for Smallpox terror attack (12/6/02)

Washington, D.C. plans smallpox shots for entire city (12/7/02)

Smallpox strategy hits snag in U.S. (12/8/02)

States prepare Smallpox vaccine plans (12/10/02)

Health workers union wary of Smallpox vaccinations (12/10/02)

Israel vaccinates soldiers and health workers (12/10/02)

County reduces vaccine request (12/11/02)

U.S. to offer vaccine for Smallpox (12/12/02)

Serious side effects, deaths likely from vaccine (12/12/02)

State officials question timetable for Smallpox vaccines (12/13/02)

Smallpox and beyond (12/13/02)

Smallpox strike called unlikely (12/13/02)

Israel cites success in vaccination effort (12/13/02)

U.S. revives Smallpox shot (12/14/02)

Bush signals he thinks possibility of Smallpox attack is rising (12/14/02)

Smallpox martyrs (12/15/02)

Bush plan for Smallpox vaccine raises medical, fiscal worries (12/15/02)

Smallpox shot will be free for those who want one (12/15/02)

Smallpox ravaged world for eons (12/15/02)

Smallpox vaccine transmission raises liability issue (12/16/02)

Pentagon faces difficulties in Smallpox shots for troops (12/17/02)

Company says it will test a safer Smallpox vaccine (12/18/02)

Two hospitals refuse to join Bush's plan for Smallpox (12/19/02)

Scientists favoring cautious approach to Smallpox shots (12/20/02)

Smallpox shots: make them mandatory (12/23/02)

German, U.S. scientists aim for safer Smallpox vaccines (12/24/02)

Israeli public won't get Smallpox vaccine (12/25/02)

Smallpox expert says vaccine should be used only in outbreaks (12/27/02)

Smallpox vaccine policy is bad science (12/29/02)

Can Smallpox be as simple as 1-2-3? (12/29/02)

UF professors dispute need for vaccinations (12/30/02)

Blood-giving advice after vaccination (12/31/02)

Vaccine test for children unlikely (12/31/02)

Smallpox preparation is reasonable (1/1/03)

'Be ready' for attack (1/4/03)

Utahns a crucial weapon in U.S. Smallpox defenses (1/4/03)

Duke among hospitals conducting Smallpox vaccine study (1/4/03)

Health officials fear local impact of Smallpox plan (1/5/03)

Expert: 'not a safe vaccine' (1/6/03)

Bush said to be fine after Smallpox shot (1/6/03)

Smallpox shots pushed to March (1/11/03)

Smallpox vaccine risk Is lower for prior recipients (1/11/03)

No serious problems in military inoculations (1/11/03)

Volunteers practice for Bioterror incident  (1/12/03)

Smallpox shot worries (1/13/03)

US Army starts Smallpox vaccinations for Kuwait personnel (1/14/03)

Smallpox vaccine risky for eyes, infants (1/14/03)

US Admin: no redress for those injured by Smallpox vaccine (1/14/03)

Doctors are ironing out details for giving the Smallpox vaccine (1/15/03)

Medical panel has doubts about plan for Smallpox (1/16/03)

Unions seeking Smallpox vaccine delay (1/17/03)

States lag at start of Smallpox program (1/17/03)

Officials press ahead with Smallpox shots (1/18/03)

On the vaccine scene  (1/19/03)

Hospitals balk at Smallpox vaccine (1/21/03)

Many Nurses lack understanding of Smallpox, poll says (1/23/03)

Smallpox vaccine choice raises questions (1/23/03)

Calibrating the Smallpox vaccinations (1/23/03)

County gets Smallpox vaccine from U.S. (1/23/03)

Nurses group opposes Smallpox vaccinations (1/24/03)

Union recommends nurses refuse today's Smallpox shots (1/24/03)

Only 4 get Conn. Smallpox vaccinations (1/24/03)

A slow beginning on Smallpox (1/25/03)

Smallpox plan's risks debated (1/29/03)

Health care leaders voice doubts on Smallpox inoculations (1/30/03)

Smallpox inoculation program is launched (1/30/03)

A Different view of Smallpox and vaccination (1/30/03)

Soldier has reaction to Smallpox vaccine (1/31/03)

Doctors who treated Smallpox not alarmist about disease threat (2/3/03)

Army to recruit legion of PCs to fight Smallpox (2/5/03)

Canada to stock smallpox vaccine (2/5/03)

Legal concerns slow Smallpox vaccinations (2/5/03)

Many balking at vaccination for Smallpox (2/7/03)

U.S. far behind schedule for Smallpox vaccinations (2/8/03)

Minnesota bioterrorism expert defends Smallpox vaccine plan (2/10/03)

Dark Smallpox winter (2/11/03)

In times of turmoil, clarion call for doctors often goes unanswered (2/11/03)

The campaign against Smallpox (2/11/03)

State's Smallpox vaccinations moving slowly (2/13/03)

Smallpox vaccination reactions reported (2/13/03)

CDC says Smallpox vaccinations will increase (2/14/03)

Vaccine program going well, military reports (2/14/03)

Bloomberg to take a shot (2/14/03)

Litigation Pox (2/14/03)

Inoculating doctors against Smallpox (2/18/03)

Hoping to set an example, mayor gets Smallpox vaccination (2/20/03)

No serious reactions to Smallpox vaccine (2/20/03)

Hospitals split over smallpox vaccines (2/21/03)

Many say no to Bush Smallpox plan (2/23/03)

County's first volunteers receive Smallpox vaccine (2/25/03)

US contracts for safer Smallpox vaccine (2/25/03)

CDC: Vaccine reactions seen at expected levels (2/27/03)

1st in state take their medicine (2/27/03)

Medical workers waver on Smallpox shots (2/28/03)

Patient OK after Smallpox shot-linked eye infection (3/3/03)

Ready for Smallpox, but don't grab the needle yet (3/4/03)

S.F. General balks on vaccine (3/4/03)

Plan compensates health workers hurt by Smallpox vaccine (3/6/03)

Va. woman hospitalized after receiving Smallpox vaccine  (3/6/03)

Two women In US develop infections to Smallpox vaccine  (3/7/03)

Health-care workers urged to get Smallpox vaccinations  (3/7/03)

Smallpox vaccination campaign bolstered (3/7/03)

Smallpox campaign taxing health resources (3/10/03)

U.S. Surgeon General to get Smallpox shot (3/11/03)

Acambis signs eight more Smallpox deals (3/11/03)

Senate head to get Smallpox vaccination (3/13/03)

Few volunteer for Smallpox vaccination (3/14/03)

Seeking a safer Smallpox vaccine (3/14/03)

What if? Connecticut and Smallpox (3/16/03)

Smallpox campaign taxing health resources (3/16/03)

Pace of Smallpox inoculations picks up (3/19/03)

Heart patients warned of Smallpox vaccine (3/26/03)

Cardiac cases raise new vaccination questions (3/27/03)

The Russian strain (3/27/03)

Dangers aside, Smallpox vaccinations to expand (3/28/03)

Guardsman dies after receiving Smallpox vaccine (3/29/03)

Researchers seek what links smallpox vaccine, heart ills (3/29/03)

House rejects Smallpox compensation plan (4/1/03)

Smallpox dollars (4/2/03)

Compensation plan for Smallpox program advances in Senate (4/3/03)

Vaccine testing on kids blocked (4/8/03)

Smallpox vaccination resumes (4/9/03)

Lawmakers, White House agree on Smallpox compensation (4/11/03)

U.S. Smallpox vaccine program lags (4/13/03)

FDNY sets terms for Smallpox vaccines (4/15/03)

Transformation of Acambis (4/16/03)

Smallpox worry a big challenge (4/18/03)

Report faults Federal Officials for problems in Smallpox program (4/30/03)

Vaccine made some people sick (5/6/03)

US smallpox vaccine programme stalls as volunteers balk (5/10/03)

Smallpox strategies shifting (5/12/03)

Missing the Smallpox goal (5/12/03)

Scale back national effort to vaccinate for Smallpox (5/16/03)

Drive to inoculate vs. smallpox stalls (5/17/03)

Smallpox immunity lasts decades, study shows (5/21/03)

Smallpox vaccine, heart inflammations may be linked (5/23/03)

U.S. sees few takers in smallpox vaccine drive (6/02/03)

Less lethal cousin of Smallpox arrives in the U.S. (6/9/03)

As Monkeypox rises, Smallpox vaccines to be offered (6/11/03)

Vaccinations urged, prairie dogs banned to halt monkeypox (6/12/03)

Patient may have transmitted Monkeypox, official says (6/13/03)

One prairie dog plays critical role in Wisconsin (6/14/03)

Smallpox vaccine to fight virus (6/14/03)

Smallpox vaccine for Monkeypox draws few (6/17/03)

National programs to vaccinate for Smallpox come to a halt (6/19/03)

Panel urges caution on Smallpox inoculation (6/20/03)

Smallpox vaccine called risky (6/21/03)

Report cites safety of military vaccination program (6/25/03)

Thousands of Smallpox shots unused (7/4/03)

Smallpox and bioterrorism (7/9/03)

Smallpox fiasco (7/14/03)

NIH study points to vaccine for Smallpox that's safer (7/15/03)

CDC: Smallpox may still be a threat (7/16/03)

Focus on Smallpox threat revived (7/17/03)

Smallpox vaccination program faltering (7/24/03)

Voluntary Smallpox shots maybe not enough (8/11/03)

No need for general U.S. Smallpox shots - report (8/12/03)

Smallpox plan no cure, panel says (8/13/03)

Overcautious approach to a killer (8/14/03)

Baby boomers, older Americans retain some Smallpox immunity  (8/18/03)

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Pneumonic Plague

Plague as a Biological Weapon. JAMA 283(17), 2000.

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Plague News Stories and Journal Articles

Three-day bioterrorism drill begins in an Oklahoma town (4/13/02)

An empire's epidemic (5/6/02)

Bubonic plague detected in Kazazhstan (7/8/02)

New Mexico man, 53, is seriously ill with Plague at Beth Israel (11/7/02)

Plague in perspective (11/8/02)

Plague victim remains critical (11/8/02)

Couple remain hospitalized with Bubonic Plague (11/9/02)

Woman who had Bubonic Plague leaves NY hospital (11/14/02)

NY Plague cases test health system (11/16/02)

Plague probe leads to arrest (1/16/03)

Professor arrested in missing vials case (1/16/03)

Professor admits to lie about plague (1/17/03)

Simple test found to quickly spot Plague infection (1/17/03)

Plague probe turns to search of Tech doctor's home (1/18/03)

Family, co-workers speak out for accused professor (1/20/03)

Bond posted in plague case (1/22/03)

Bout With Plague put a man on the brink, and New York on edge (2/7/03)

Tech professor flew with live plague samples (2/21/03)

Sworn statements point to deception about plague vials (2/28/03)

Butler indicted in plague case (4/11/03)

With bioterror fears rising, an expert winds up on trial (4/14/03)

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Hemorrhagic Fever Archives

Hemorrhagic Fever News Stories and Journal Articles

Are Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses Practical Agents for

   Bioterrorism? Emerging Infections 4, Ch. 14, 201-9, 2000.

WHO team heads to Gabon Ebola area (12/13/01)

Warning on new Ebola outbreak in Gabon (12/15/01)

Medics hunt for Ebola virus contacts in Gabon (12/17/01)

Ebola kills 16 in Gabon (12/19/01)

Outbreak of Ebola in Africa spreads from Gabon to Republic of Congo (12/20/01)

WHO: Ebola outbreak has peaked (12/21/01)

Do ctors fear Ebola is spreading (12/29/01)

Deaths bring central Africa Ebola toll to 22 (12/31/01)

Ebola kills 23 in central Africa (1/2/02)

Gabon sealed off to contain Ebola (1/6/02)

Ebola returns to Mekambo village (1/7/02)

Health team to return to Gabon (1/13/02)

Ebola virus death toll hits 30 in Central Africa (1/17/02)

Ebola death toll rises in C. Africa (1/25/02)

Central African Ebola death toll keeps climbing (2/19/02)

Outbreak kills 28 in Afghanistan (3/6/02)

Western Afghan epidemic kills 40 (3/8/02)

Medical journal sets guidelines on bioterrorist attacks (5/7/02)

Dutch firm to develop Ebola vaccine with U.S. (5/16/02)

WHO confirms Ebola cases (6/14/02)

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