Table 1. Case data. Case numbers for fatalities are as they appear on the administrative list. Case numbers for survivors are arbitrary. Days of onset and death are counted from 1 April 1979. Abbreviations: 0, onset; D, death; R, residence; W, workplace; *, unidentified man; ?, not known; ma, mid-April; s, survivor; c, cutaneous survivor; +, in high_risk zone; --, outside high-risk zone; a, had two residences, one in Compound 32; p. pensioner; r, daytime military reservist at Compound 32; u, unemployed. Patients 25, 29, 48, and 87 were home on vacation during the first week of April.


Presumed incubation periods
Source: Understanding Anthrax, Washington Post, October 18, 2001.