"Epi 220 - "Infectious Diseases"

Lectures - Winter, 2014

Roger Detels, M.D., M.S., Instructor (detels@ucla.edu)

1-3, Wednesdays and Fridays, Room 51-279 CHS

Teaching Assistant:   Joshua Quint, jquint@ucla.edu


NOTE: There may be occasions when scheduling changes need to be made. In addition, we cannot guarantee that PPT presentations will always be available online before class. Lecture slides are uploaded to the class website as soon as they are received, so please be patient.


TEXTBOOK HOLD: The Biomed library currently has "Control of Communicable Diseases Manual" available to the class. Go to the reserves desk with your student ID for a 2-hour checkout period for this book. The library will purchase "Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Theory and Practice", so that probably won't be available until late January.


Tuesday, Jan 7, "History, Current Major Infectious Disease Problems" - (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides (Powerpoint) (PDF) supplementary slides on "latent period" and population size of an infectious agent   (Powerpoint)



Thursday, Jan 9, "Classifications, Modes of Spread and Infection, and Properties of Agents" (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides (Powerpoint) (PDF)



Tuesday, Jan 14, "The Human Immune Response" (Dr. Tammy Rickabaugh)

Lecture slides  (Powerpoint)  (PDF)


Gerberding JL. Translating antibody insights. Science 341:1151, 2013.



Thursday, Jan 16, "Serologic Testing for Infectious Agents" (Dr. Najab Aziz)

Lecture slides - updated 13 Jan  (Powerpoint)  (PDF)





Tuesday, Jan 21, "HIV/AIDS" (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides (Powerpoint)  (PDF)



Thursday, Jan 23, "Surveillance" (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides - updated 23 Jan  (Powerpoint)  (PDF)





Tuesday, Jan 28, "Modeling Infectious Diseases" (Dr. Ron Brookmeyer)

Lecture slides    (PDF)




Thursday, Jan 30, "Tuberculosis" (Dr. Karin Nielsen)

Lecture slides  (Powerpoint)   (PDF)




Tuesday, Feb 4, "Respiratory Infections, Diarrheal Diseases, and Influenza" (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides   Respiratory Infections:  (Powerpoint)  (PDF)           Diarrheal Diseases: (Powerpoint)  (PDF)           Influenza: (Powerpoint)  (PDF)



Royal Caribbean cruise ship returns home after more than 600 sickened

DEATH DUST, The valley-fever menace

BY JANUARY 20, 2014



Larson C. Tense vigil in China as nasty flue virus stirs back to life. Science 349:1031, 2013

LA Times: As flu passes, new threat rises http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-measles-20140222,0,1197753.story#axzz2uHWPdQU3



Thursday Feb 6, "Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases"  (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides  (Powerpoint)   (PDF)




Tuesday, Feb 11, "Parasitic Diseases" (Dr. Larry Ash)

Lecture slides  (Powerpoint)   (PDF)




Thursday, Feb 13, MIDTERM

Midterm exam key - note that there is a change of answer to question #13 - there is no change to anyone's score due to this change

Midterm results


Tuesday, Feb 18, "Staphlococci and Streptococci" (Dr. Shira Shafir)

Lecture slides     (PDF)




Thursday Feb 20, "Viral Hepatitis A, B and C"  (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides  (Powerpoint)   (PDF)


Additional two slides




Tuesday Feb 25, "Arboviral Diseases"  (Dr. George Berlin)

Handouts in class, and a chance for you to experience an ancient method of visuals



Thursday, Feb 27, "Malaria" (Dr. Frank Sorvillo)

Lecture slides    (PDF)



Unconventional vaccine shows promise against malaria. Science 341:605, 2013



Tuesday, March 4, "Geographic Information Systems" (LA County)

Lecture slides -   (PDF)



Thursday, March 6, "Human Papilloma Virus" (Dr. Dottie Wiley) 

Lecture slides    (PDF)





Tuesday, March 11, "Sexually Transmitted Infections" (Dr. Jeff Klausner)

Lecture slides -  (PowerPoint)  (PDF)




Thursday, March 13, "Infectious Disease Interventions/Vaccines" (Dr. Roger Detels)

Lecture slides updated 13 March (Powerpoint)  (PDF)



Final exam: Monday, March 17, 2014, 11:30 am-2:30 pm

Final exam key correction to #28 made on 18 March

Final results

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