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29 September 2009






Dr. Zhang, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Epidemiology and head of the cancer epidemiology program at UCLA.









 241. Issues in Cancer Prevention Research and Policy

 242. Cancer Epidemiology  

 243. Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer

 244. Research Methods in Cancer Epidemiology

 295. Seminar: Epidemiology - Cancer


Cancer Prevention as a Global Health Challenge Workshop 2008


Cancer Prevention as a Global Health Challenge: China 2008


Alper Symposium 2007


Alper Symposium 2007: China


2007 Pilot Funding Available for Research in Environmental Genomics: The Ann Fitzpatrick Alper Program in Environmental Genomics -UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center


Cancer Epidemiology Training Program


Molecular Epidemiology Research Program


UCLA Tumor Registry


Summer Training


Center or Department Affiliations:


UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

UCLA Department of Environmental Health Sciences

UCLA Asia Institute

UCLA East Asia Faculty, Department of Public Helath

UCLA Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center

International Head and Neck Cancer Consortium


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