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29 Jul 2004


During the 1990s, Professor Frerichs and colleagues published a series of articles and letters on HIV tests using saliva, HIV screening programs, principles of surveillance, and HIV surveillance systems, mainly pertaining to detection and control efforts in developing countries.  Presented here are PDF files (requiring an Adobe reader) of the various articles.

Frerichs, R. R. Epidemiologic surveillance in developing countries. Annual Review of Public Health 12, 257-80, 1991.

Frerichs, R.R. and Seymour, E.: More on office-based testing for HIV. New England Journal of Medicine 328(23), 1717, 1993.

Frerichs, R.R.: Reducing the cost of HIV antibody testing. The Lancet 342, 1116, 1993.

Frerichs, R.R. and Seymour, E.: HIV testing and blood recipients. The Lancet 342, 1549, 1993.

Frerichs, R.R., Eskes, N. and Htoon, M.T.: Validity of three assays for HIV-1 antibodies in saliva. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 7(5), 522-524, 1994.

Frerichs, R.R., Silarug, N. Eskes, N. Pagcharoenpol, P., Rodklai, A. Thangsupachai, S. and Wongba, C.: Saliva-based HIV antibody testing in Thailand. AIDS 8(7): 885-894, 1994.

Frerichs, R.R.: Viewpoint. Personal Screening for HIV in developing countries. The Lancet 343, 960-962, 1994.

Frerichs, R.R. : Personal screening for HIV in developing countries. The Lancet 343, 1506, 1994.

Frerichs, R.R.: Saliva Assays for HIV Antibodies. Lab Medica 5-6, 16-19, 1994.

Frerichs, R.R., Ungchusak, K., Htoon, M.T. and Detels, R.: HIV sentinel surveillance in Thailand An example for developing counties. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 8(1): 20-26, 1995.

Frerichs, R.R. The right not to know HIV-test results, The Lancet 345, 1506-1507, 1995.

Wongba, C., Pagcharoenpol, P., Eskes, N., Frerichs, R.R., Silarug, N.: HIV saliva test for surveillance and surveys. AIDS 9(9), 1104-1105, 1995.

Frerichs, R.R. Accuracy of a saliva test for HIV antibody. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Human Retrovirology 10(4), 484-485, 1995.

Frerichs, R.R.: Epidemiology and Society. HIV Winners and Losers. Epidemiology 6(3), 329-331, 1995

Frerichs, R.R.: Home HIV test would relieve silent suffering. UCLA Today 16(5), 7, October 27, 1995.

Frerichs, R.R.: Le illusioni che circondano l'HIV. Kos 124,16-21, 1996 (Italian).

Frerichs, R. R.: HIV Illusions. Kos 124,16-21, 1996 (English).

Frerichs, R.R. Personal HIV screening revisited. The Lancet 349, 1032, 1997.

Frerichs, R.R. Harm of not permitting personal HIV screening in developing countries AIDS 11(7), 936-937, 1997.

Frerichs, R. R. Recognizing HIV infection -- The role of home testing. International Journal of Self-Help and Self-Care 1(1): 13-20, 1998-99.

Wiley, D.J., Frerichs, R.R., Ford, W.L., Simon, P.A.: Failure to learn HIV test results in Los Angeles public STD clinics. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 25, 342-345, 1998.

Temoshok, L.R. and Frerichs, R.R. Secondary HIV prevention. Focus 13(7), 1-4, June, 1998.

Zaw, M., Frerichs, R.R., Oo, K.Y., and Eskes, N. Local evaluation of a rapid HIV assay for use in developing countries. Tropical Medicine and International Health 4(3), pp 216-221, 1999.

Thwe, M., Frerichs, R.R., Oo, K.Y., Zan, E.,and Eskes, N. Stability of saliva for measuring HIV in the tropics. Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 45, 296-299, 1999.

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