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Cary's map contains four different reference lists with four sets of over-lapping numbers. The first is: References to the Public Buildings, etc. (located in upper left of map).  It uses numbers 1 to 124 to identify the alphabetically-listed references, with corresponding numbers appearing on the map.  The second is: References to the Churches (located in upper right of map).  It uses number 1 to 115 to identify alphabetically-listed churches, with corresponding numbers also appearing on the map.  As a result, Cary used 115 numbers twice on the map, creating potential for confusion. The third is: A List of 528 of the Most Principal Streets with Reference to Their Situation (located along bottom of map). For these reference, Cary divided the map into 56 rectangles, with large numbers from 1 to 55 [#56 was left out] in the upper center of the rectangle. The last few panels on the right side of the map are not numbered in this scheme. The fourth is an unknown numbering scheme going from 1 to 46, using encircled numbers to refer to sites.  There was no mention of the sites on the map, although a separate index may have been included in the slip case and have become long since lost. Only the first two reference lists are cited here.       


Admiralty Office, Charing Cross [1]      
African House, Leadenhall Street [2]      
Apothecaries' Hall, Black Friars [3]      
Asylum Street, Georges Fields [4]      
Bakers Hall, Harp Lane