Buckingham Palace originated as Buckingham House, which was built in 1702-5 for John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham at the site of the later Palace.  King George III (1738-1820, see picture) purchased Buckingham House in 1762 from the Duke's son, Sir Charles Sheffield, following the King's marriage to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.  The building was remodeled and remained one of the King's homes until 1820 when he died and was followed to the throne by King George IV (1762-1830 -- see picture). 

By 1826, King George decided to convert the Buckingham House into a palace and chose John Nash as architect.  Nash reduced Buckingham House to its shell, and replaced it with Buckingham Palace, including a large Marble Arch commemorating military victories which was later moved to the north-east corner of Hyde Park in 1851. Unfortunately, the reconstruction of the Palace was still not completed at the time of King George's death in 1830.  Thus he never lived there, nor did his successor, King William IV (1765-1837 -- see picture) who died in 1837, although by then the building had been completed.  

When Queen Victoria (1819-1901 -- see picture) arose to the throne in 1837, she moved out of Kensington Palace and made Buckingham Palace her home.  A new front wing was built on the east side of the palace in 1841-47, replacing the Marble Arch, providing more room for the Queen and her expanding family. 

The 1859 map shows the Palace in two cells, O 12 and O 13.   


(Quarter Mile Section - O 13)



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Buckingham House in 1819

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Front of new Buckingham Palace in 1827

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Picture of new Buckingham Palace in 1831

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Site in Davies' London Map of 1843

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Nash's Painting of Buckingham Palace in 1846

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Cruchley's Map of 1846

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New East Front of Palace in 1847

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Buckingham Palace in 1852

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Early Photograph of Palace in 1857

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Site in Stanford's Map of 1862

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Old Ordnance Survey Map of 1869

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