The area in red shows the location in the Deptford areas of the 1854 cholera outbreak with 90 deaths among residents of 40-60 houses. The short un-named street to the right of the upper section of New Street and to the left of upper section of Hughes Fields is French's Fields.  The households in the area received water from the Kent Water Works, located south along the Ravenborne River.  While some persons in the area took pails of water directly from Deptford Creek (directly connected to the polluted River Thames), as explained in the text, Dr. Snow had another theory about the local source of cholera (i.e., leakage in water pipes). The gas that Snow wrote about may have come from the Phoenix Gas Works (middle right).

Source: Cross, J. Cross's New Plan Of London 1850, J. Cross, 18, Holborn Hill, opposite Furnivals Inn, January 1, 1850. View Cross map at: MAPCO: Map And Plan Collection Online

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