London experienced great change during the life of John Snow.  The city grew dramatically between 1813 and 1858, and was at the center of a financial and social empire which reached around the world.  Yet during these same years, residents of London suffered greatly from death and disease, including epidemic cholera.  In addition they faced extensive environmental pollution, most notably of the majestic River Thames. 


The London references are of locations in the 1859 map for sites specific to the Snow years, but not central to his story.  To obtain information on the various localities, click with your mouse on entries under London index in the column at left.

Finally, if you like historical cartography and want to see street details for one of the great cities of the world, click in the left column on 1859 map or any of the six parts from A to F of the map.  Then move with your mouse among the 711 quarter-mile sections of this 150 year-old map. 

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