James Wyld II    



By the middle of the nineteenth century, James Wyld II (1812-1887) was among the best know of the London map publishers.  His father, James Wyld I, also a map publisher (1790-1836), had in 1823 taken over the map-making business of William Faden, the publisher in 1788 of the first version of the presented map.  At age 18 in 1830, James Wyld II joined the Royal Cartographical Society and elected to go into the map trade.  His early maps were created at William Faden's old premises in Charing Cross East, but then in 1836 he moved to 457 Strand, among other locations.  Subsequently in 1847 he was elected to Parliament where he remained until 1852.  Five years later he again was elected to Parliament, where he remained from 1857 to 1868.  Wyld I first published Faden's map in 1823, listed as James Wyld, successor to William Faden.  Wyld I (who died in 1836) and Wyld II continued to update the map over time, working with the base map from 1823 to 1880, adding prominent structures, including railways. The current title of the 1872 map (edition 10a)  first appeared in the 1836 edition.  The 1872 map is the 14th edition (see  blue shading below), nearly identical to the 1865 edition.

The Map   



A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTRY TWENTY-FIVE MILES ROUND LONDON, London, published by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen, Charing Cross East

No date was imprinted, but following the guidelines of Ralph Hyde (see reference below), was assessed as the 14th edition, published in 1872.

Size:  43" by 52 5/8" inches. 28 1/2" x 48  1/2", scale of 1": 3 statue miles.   Folding map with 72 panels, 6 columns and 12 rows, on a linen backing. 

The Editions



  (1) Faden, William, Geographer to the King.. THE COUNTRY TWENTY-FIVE MILES ROUND LONDON planned from a SCALE of ONE MILE to an INCH. 40" x 49" (smaller than the later versions, possibly due to slight borders between panels). Folding map. Scale 1": 1 statute mile (increased later to 1": 3 statue miles). Published by William Faden, Charing Cross, September 1, 1788.

Extent: Ware – Basildon – Dorking – Beaconsfield. Title in oval on rectangular tablet in the top left (differently placed in later editions.) The scale round the map is divided into miles E. W. N. & S. of London.


  (2) Date in title altered to 1789.  No imprint. 


  (3) Date in title altered to 1790.


  (4) Date in title altered to 1796 and W. Faden described as "Geographer to His Majesty and to H.R.H.(i.e., His Royal Highness) the Prince of Wales."


  (5) Date in title altered to 1800.


  (6) Published January 1,1802 by W. Faden, Charing Cross, 3rd Edition.


  (7) Published by W. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty and to H.R.H. the Prince Regent. 3d. Edition, 1815.

Regent's Park and Canal and Strand Bridge shown.


  (8) Published by W. FADEN Geographer to HIS MAJESTY, 4th Edition,1820.

Position of Southwark Bridge shown. Strand Bridge titled Waterloo Bridge.


  (9) Published by James Wyld (successor to Mr. FADEN) Geographer to The KING, 5 Charing Cross, September 1st 1823.

Surrey Iron railway shown.


(10) Date in imprint altered to June 2, 1830. 


(10a) Title altered to "A NEW MAP OF THE COUNTRY TWENTY-FIVE MILES ROUND LONDON" Year in imprint 1836.


(10b) Year in imprint 1838.

Some railways added.


(11) Published by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen, 5 Charing Cross East 1844. 

London and Birmingham, Eastern Counties, Great Western and London and Southampton railways. shown.


(11a) Same map but no new date,  [c. 1848]

South Western Railway extension to Waterloo shown, but not the Barnes–Isleworth loop.


(12) No date in imprint. North Kent, Brighton and South-Eastern railways. shown. [c. 1850]


(13) PUBLISHED BY JAMES WYLD Geographer to the QUEEN, Charing Cross East. [c.1865]

North London railway extended to Broad Street, but South Eastern's spur to Cannon Street not yet shown.


(14) District railway extended to Mansion House. [c.1872].


(15) Shows District railroads. [1880].

Extension from Earls Court to Putney Bridge.





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