London, 1854. terrifying epidemic sweeps through Soho. Five hundred people die in agony. This is cholera – invisible and apparently invincible.

Where does it come from? How does it spread so fast? Dr John Snow has the answers but no one listens. So the doctor must turn detective, scouring the city streets for evidence to convince the world.

His investigations lead him time and again to the Broad Street water pump. Could it hold the secret to so many grisly deaths? Can John Snow solve the Soho cholera mystery?


Judy Allen has won the Whitbread Award and the Friends of the Earth Earthworm Award. She is the author of more than fifty books, and she also writes for radio.

Of this book, Judy Allen says, I really enjoyed working on it because the more I learned about John Snow, the more I respected and liked him. Also, reading about his work on cholera was a bit like reading a mystery story in which a horrific villain is relentlessly tracked down by a doggedly determined detective.'

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