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Source: Mylne, Robert W. Map of the 

  Contours of London and Its Environs, 

  showing the Districts and Areas supplied

  by the Nine Metropolitan Water 

  Companies, Published for the Author

  by Edward Stanford, Charing Cross, 

  London.  Engraved and Printed from Stone

  by Waterlow and Sons, 1856.


The author in 1847 contoured part of the 

Metropolis of London from surveys and 

documents.  He revised and extended the 

levels from the Ordnance skeleton Plans

of 1850, and published on a reduced 

scale a Topographical and Geographical

Map in 1851.  The distances and widths

denoted on the River Thames are 

measured from the Ordnance Plans, and 

the Sectional Areas are selected chiefly

from Surveys made for the Thames 

Navigational Commissioners in 1852. 

The map was published in 18 linked 

panels, each measuring 10.5 (w) by

15.75 (h) inches, bound with linen and 

folded into a hardcover with an introduction

on one side. The area is 176 Square Miles

with a scale of 17032:1. The total size of 

the map is 63.0 (w) by 48.0 (h) inches.  

The internet version of the 1856 map is 

presented in 18 panels, size 344-407 K. 

Areas referring to water works can be

viewed larger by clicking with the mouse on 

sections of the respective panels. 


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