EpiInfo (Windows)

Easier to use version of CDC's popular analysis, word processing and database management program for epidemiologists. The program includes Complex Sample modules for the analysis of  cluster surveys; Epimap, a geographic information system; and Nutstat, a nutrition anthropometry program.  Used in EPI 418 Rapid Surveys and featured in the EPI 418 Software Training Manual.

  Epi Info Tutorials

Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health (Web)

This OpenEpi provides statistics for counts and measurements in descriptive and analytic studies, stratified analysis with exact confidence limits, matched pair and person-time analysis, sample size and power calculations, random numbers, sensitivity, specificity and other evaluation statistics, R x C tables, chi-square for dose-response, and links to other useful sites.

Csurvey 1.5 (DOS)

Program and Manual originally created at UCLA and the U of Indonesia for planning cluster surveys. Not to be used in Windows-based computers.

Csurvey 2.0 (Windows)

This is the new version of Csurvey updated to Windows, also created at UCLA with connections to Indonesia. A users manual is available. The program was used in Used in EPI 418 Rapid Surveys.

Resources for Creating Public Health Maps (Web)

Mapping information and software provided for the United States by CDC.