This site is devoted to activities of the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) at the UCLA School of Public Health. Part of the site will be open for general view (shown in yellow) and part restricted to UCLA School of Public Health faculty (shown in white). The FEC on July 22, 2002 voted to restrict six categories of material to faculty only.  These are:

1) Dean's policy statements
2) Agenda of FEC meetings
3) Minutes of FEC meetings
4) Agenda of Full Faculty meetings
5) Minutes of Full Faculty meetings
6) Faculty resolutions or votes


The code for accessing the full FEC website is available to the UCLA School of Public Health faculty.  When clicking on white text in the left column, the following screen appears:

Eligible faculty should enter the furnished user name and password in the appropriate location to continue.  Use lower case letters.  If problems, contact Professor Zuo-Feng Zhang, Chair of FEC.