UCLA School of Public Health Field Studies Program

Community Health Sciences

Field Placement: Chinatown Service Center
Los Angeles, CA
Veronica Lim, LMSW, MPH
Student Name: John Tan
Year: 2005

During my placement at the Chinatown Service Center from July to September 2005, I split my time between the Counseling Department and Youth Services working under the general agency collaborative role in Los Angeles Works for Better Health (LAWBH). LAWBH bills itself as “an alliance of low-income communities that partners with employers to connect local residents with quality jobs to build healthy communities” (LAWBH 2005). Chinatown Service Center is one of five community-based organizations addressing employment as a method of improving the health of communities.

I participated in this large project through three methods. For four days a week, I worked under Veronica Lim in the Counseling Department. With the cooperation of the case managers at the five agencies involved in LAWBH, I developed a flier to repackage case management services as free personal support services. These fliers have been translated into Spanish and will be available in Chinese and Khmer as well to promote to our various diverse populations.

On Friday mornings, I worked with Huy Chheng to develop a comprehensive work plan for a community health fair in Chinatown. The purpose of the fair was to promote the job training programs offered by CSC and the LAWBH agencies as a key to the larger program. Among the things we did were preparing presentations, developing an outreach strategy, mapping and requesting space, and designing a program. I also distributed fliers in Chinatown and produced an advertisement about CSC’s job training programs.

Finally, I worked with Chinatown-area youth in an effort to dispense information to community adults through the youth. I facilitated Friday afternoon youth leadership workshops for general meetings of the Los Angeles Chinatown Youth Council, planned weekly meetings at Saturday morning Steering Committee sessions, and mentored high school youth. I also assisted Huy Chheng with the Teen Theater program, offering direction while youth rehearsed and writing a script for a short film based on the youth’s routines.

I addition to the main project, I worked on several side projects for the agency. I researched grant and donation opportunities, as well as alternative sources for funding counseling and youth programs. With consultation with Veronica Lim and the staff of the Counseling Department, I developed the program’s mission and vision statements. Finally, I developed materials for case managers and counseling staff about homeless resources and resources in Orange County.


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