UCLA School of Public Health Field Studies Program

Community Health Sciences

Field Placement: Community Health Councils, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Watson, MSW
Student Name: Chhandasi Pamina Bagchi
Year: 2005

From October of 2005 through February of 2006, I worked as a health policy intern at Community Health Councils, Inc. (CHC). CHC is a health policy organization dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare for low-income and uninsured residents of Los Angeles. Within CHC, I worked on issues related to access and quality of healthcare. For the majority of the internship, I aided in the synthesis of a policy brief pertaining to California’s healthcare delivery system, because conversions and closures appear to threaten both hospital sustainability and access to quality healthcare. Towards the development of this policy brief, I provided CHC with an abundance of resources and background research. I conducted an extensive literature review to gather information on the effects of the unstable hospital system on California residents, mainly low-income residents. I also created a library of references for CHC to access in the future. Finally, I wrote a portion of the policy brief on access to hospitals.


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