UCLA School of Public Health Field Studies Program

Community Health Sciences

Field Placement: Jordan Health Communications Partnership (JHCP), Higher Populations Council – General Secretariat
Amman, Jordan
Dr. Soliman Farah, Lina Qardan, Abdulmonem Malkawi
Student Name: Anthony Wang
Year: 2005

Project Title: Communication Partnerships for Family Health (CPFH) and other various projects.

My internship took place from 7/08/05 to 9/17/05 in Amman, Jordan. I worked with both JHCP and HPC/GS. Their offices were a couple miles apart so I split my time between the two offices. My internship with both organizations heavily involved project proposal writing and building staff capacity regarding proposal writing and writing in general. I worked with mainly with my preceptors and took assignments from them. They reviewed my work and gave suggestions. Originally I planned to focus on conducting surveys and data analysis but after arriving to the site proposal writing skills were of higher demand. I conducted workshops to train staff at JHCP and HPC as well as staff from various NGO’s and at the Jordanian University Medical School. I also participated in the development of media materials. I helped design the layout of various materials such as newsletters and other communication materials.


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