UCLA School of Public Health Field Studies Program

Community Health Sciences

Field Placement: UCLA OB/GYN Clinic
Westwood, CA
Chen, MD, MPH, Gita Patel, MS, MSO III
Student Name: Kelly Curlett
Year: 2005

The UCLA OB/GYN clinic provides comprehensive women’s health care, including low and high-risk obstetrics, gynecology, and family planning services. As a part of the UCLA Medical Center, the clinic serves to train the next generation of physicians as well as to provide care to underserved populations. A large percentage of the clinic’s clientele is Spanish-speaking and uses Medi-Cal or State Family Pact for their insurance.

As an intern, I assisted the clinic in the following areas: improving educational materials; evaluating documentation of family planning visits; educating staff on services offered; and preparing for the upcoming audit. Specifically, I revised and created new educational materials for patients, including a fact sheet with information about Emergency Contraception and packets of information for women who receive abortions or face pregnancy loss. I also created a 1-page audit tool in order to evaluate documentation of family planning visits in preparation for the audit. I conducted 40 chart audits and created a 1-page family planning monitor designed to enable staff to observe what areas of documentation require improvement. Furthermore, I developed training modules for the purpose of educating staff on contraceptive technology and serves offered by the clinic’s social worker. I also worked on projects outside my proposed scope of work, including compiling a case list for the Medical Director in preparation for her oral board exams and drafting a proposal requesting funds to refurbish the patient waiting area.

As a result of my field study, I acquired new skills such as the ability to read a medical chart and create educational materials. The experience also served to enhance my interpersonal skills. Overall I had a positive, worthwhile experience and especially enjoyed working with my Preceptors.


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