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Dr. Michael Prelip is the Community Health Sciences department contact. For more information other than what is presented below, please contact him at (310) 825-4506.

Information is presented in a web-page format (HTML) and/or in a printable PDF document format. PDF documents can be opened with Adobe Acrobat version 3 or higher. You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat for free.

General Information
Introduction to Field Studies HTML or PDF
Overview of Field Studies HTML or PDF
Objectives and Competencies for Field Studies HTML
Field Studies Search and Selection HTML or PDF
Field Studies Orientation 2012 PDF
Field Studies Placement Examples  
Year 2002 HTML
Year 2003
Year 2004 HTML
Year 2005 HTML
Year 2006 HTML
Year 2007 HTML
Year 2008 HTML
Year 2009 HTML
Year 2010
Year 2010 HTML
Year 2010
Year 2011 HTML
Year 2010
Year 2012 HTML

Information for Preceptors
UCLA School of Public Health HTML
Description of the CHS Department HTML
Guidelines HTML or PDF
Organization Registration Form PDF
Student Performance Evaluation PDF

Information for Students
Guidelines/Basic Requirement Information
Guidelines for Writing Logs HTML or PDF
Guidelines for CHS 400 Field Studies Final Report HTML or PDF
Instructions for Completing Scope of Work HTML
Samples of Scope of Work HTML
Instructions for Completing Contract HTML or PDF
Criteria For a Supervised Field Studies HTML or PDF

Time line



Field Studies Evaluation PDF or MS Word
Contract PDF or MS Word
Field Studies Skills Inventory PDF
Scope of Work PDF or MS Word
Hours Log/Timesheet PDF or MS Word




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