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Q. Who is eligible to participate in the study?
A. If you agree to participate in the study, you would meet a UCLA neurologist once at a local clinic to have a physical examination. At that time, a blood sample would be taken. Later, you would be contacted by phone. We plan to ask questions regarding known risk factors for the disease and environmental exposures. Finally, you may refer a sibling to participate in the study as well. Doing so is not required for participation. You will be reimbursed with $50-75 for your time and effort.
Q. Benefit to society?
A. Participants will not get any direct benefit from taking part in this study.
Q. Is there any risk to you?
A. You may experience some minor discomfort from being off-medication for a 12-hour period before we examine you. When we draw blood, you may feel pain from the needle stick and it may result in a slight bruise. There is also a possible risk of loss of confidentiality as a result of genetic testing.
Q. Who are the researchers you would be working with?
A. You will be evaluated by board-certified neurologists from the UCLA Movement Disorder Clinic. You will be interviewed over the phone by PEG researchers in English or in Spanish.
Q. How will the researchers protect the privacy of your medical information?
A. Every effort will be made to maintain strict standards of confidentiality throughout every element of the study. All information collected and all lab materials will be number-coded so that patients' names will not be attached to any documentation.
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