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February 13, 2004
Progress Report:
UCLA Parkinson’s Disease Environment and Genes Study (PEG)

The ultimate goal of our study is to enroll at least 400 rural newly diagnosed cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD), 400 population-based controls, and 200-300 sibling controls over a period of 4 years (between 2001-2005). We started screening and enrollment of patients in April 2001. Since then, recruitment letters were mailed to approximately 3000 individual patients and 3000 population controls.

We screened 800 patients who contacted us and 240 were eligible meaning that they were incident cases and we were able to examine them within 3 years after diagnosis. To date, we collected data from 220 patients. We also collected data from 120 eligible age-gender matched population controls randomly sampled from the residents in the three counties and from 70 sibling controls.

Samples and data we are collecting

We are successful in collecting blood for genotyping and in a smaller subgroup of patients we are, in addition, collecting platelets for assessment of mitochondrial Co-enzyme I function.
PD patients and controls undergo a neurologic evaluation by one of our UCLA study neurologists. Risk factor interviews are mostly conducted by phone to allow blinding of the interviewer to case status.

Environmental and occupational exposure measures for each study subject are created from interview data providing us with residential and occupational histories and behavioral risk factor profiles in conjunction with California data on historical land-use and exposures.
Our recruitment of study subjects will continue for 2 more years until the end of 2005 and we will continue to attempt to ascertain all newly diagnosed PD patients in Kern, Fresno and Tulare counties.


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