2017-2018 Executive Board

 Rajia Ragab, Co-President

Department: Health Policy and Management
Degree: MPH
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Career/Research Interests: Human-centered product design
Favorite Campus Study Spot: on a sunny day: Cafe Synapse’s patio
Fun Fact: I’ve successfully picked a Samsonite luggage’s lock. I felt very crafty.
Email: rajiaragab@ucla.edu

rajia-ragab rajia-ragab-2


 Hajar Ahmed, Co-President

Department: Health Policy and Management
Degree: MPH
Hometown: Reston, VA
Career/Research Interests: Management, healthcare innovation & technology, operations
Favorite Campus Study Spot: Contrary to what you may hear, the Graduate Reading Room (GRR) is a nice quiet place to get work done. I’m actually writing this bio in the GRR right now.
Fun Fact: I recently bought myself a new pair of roller blades so if you skate, join me!
Email: hsahmed@ucla.edu


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Lea Hunsinger, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Department: Environmental Sciences
Degree: MPH
Hometown: Paris, France and Luanda, Angola
Career/Research Interests: Maternal and Child Health in Angola, Malaria in Angola, Climate Change.
Favorite Campus Study Spot: Café Synapse.
Fun Fact: I have an identical twin sister who lives in Paris.
Email: hunsinger.lea@gmail.com

lea-hunsinger lea

Cindy Beard, Vice President of External Affairs

Department: Epi

Degree: MPH

Hometown: Darnestown, MD

Career/Research Interests: Emerging infectious diseases, health security

Favorite Campus Study Spot: Random empty classrooms in CHS.

Fun Fact: I used to have two pet chinchillas.

Email: cmbeard92@gmail.com

cindy-beard cindy-beard-2

Veronica Kapoor, Vice President of Financial Affairs

Department: Health Policy and Management
Degree: MPH
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Career/Research Interests: Improving the efficiency and quality of our healthcare system by implementing research-based practices
Favorite Campus Study Spot: Biomed Library group study rooms when I’m with my classmates
Fun Fact: A pod of over 100 dolphins swam around my ferry when I visited the Channel Islands

veronica-kapoor-2 veronica-kapoor

Alein Haro, Vice President of Communications

Department: Community Health Sciences
Degree: MPH
Hometown: Sinaloa, Mexico
Career/Research Interests: Immigrant health, social determinants of health, and social policies and immigrant youth in the US
Favorite Campus Study Spot: Young Research Library, but you’ll most likely find me at Bio Med
Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure includes eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
Email: aleinharo@ucla.edu

alein-haro alein-haro-2


Riley Mummah, Co-Vice Presidents of Doctoral Student Affairs
Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Epidemiology
Degree: Ph.D. / M.S.
Hometown: Mifflintown, PA
Career/Research Interests: Emerging infectious disease, global health, disease dynamics
Favorite Campus Study Spot: Biomedical Library
Fun Fact: I love to bake for birthdays!
Email: rileyo2377@gmail.com

riley-mummah-2 riley-mummah


Angie Ghanem, Co-Vice Presidents of Doctoral Student Affairs

Department: Epidemiology

Degree: Ph.D.

Hometown: Danville, CA

Career/Research Interests: Early detection and prevention of emerging infectious diseases

Favorite Campus Study Spot: Powell Library

Fun Fact: I visited and hiked in 9 National Parks last year and hope to visit more this year.

Email: angieghanem@ucla.edu

angie angiee