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PHSA COUNCIL 2010-2011

We are extremely excited for this academic year as we have lots of great ideas and want to make this year the best! We invite you to bring up issues, questions, or concerns to our attention about the School of Public Health as we are here to represent you, the students.

If you would like to become involved, you can contact these members of the PHSA Council for 2010-2011.

Teresa Dicolen CHS 2nd Year, Department Rep.
Hannah Valino CHS 1st Year, Department Rep.
Jessica Soldavini CHS 1st Year, Department Rep.
Cassie Gardener CHS 1st Year, Department Rep.
Victoria Nguyen EHS 2nd Year, Department Rep.
Michelle Yim EHS  2nd Year, Department Rep.
Sean C. Brachvogel EHS 1st Year, Department Rep.
Randy Reyes EHS 1st Year, Department Rep.
Qialolin Chen Biostats PhD, Department Rep.
Seema Shah Epi 1st Year, Department Rep.
Nidhi Shetty Academic Computing Committee, Faculty Rep.
Ashley Arax Educational Policy & Curriculum Committee, Faculty Rep.
Cynthia Whitman International Health Committee, Faculty Rep.
Qialolin Chen Research Committee, Faculty Rep.
Minal Patel Evaluation Committee, Faculty Rep.
Kaz Chinen Laboratory and Equipment Committee, Faculty Rep.