External Committees

PHSA is currently involved in a total of six external faculty committees. Below is a list of these committees along with a brief description of each.

Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

  • Provide input on proposals for new FSPH courses and/or programs
  • Represent faculty on educational policy and curriculum during FSPH’s strategic planning process
  • Review course actions and program changes in relation to degrees

Student Affairs Committee (EPCC Subcommittee)

  • Attend regular meetings with PHSA and SCPH  representatives to discuss student affairs issues such as advisement, recruitment, and funding as per recommendation of Council of Education for Public Health
  • Select student recipients of school-wide awards based on Departmental nomination
  • Review special actions for admissions

Undergraduate Programs Committee (EPCC Subcommittee)

  • Monitor and evaluate school-wide undergraduate programs in FSPH
  • Explore ways in which FSPH can participate in UCLA’s undergraduate global health program

Evaluation Committee

  • Provide input from faculty on monitoring and evaluation objects to be developed for Council of Education for Public Health
  • Provide input on development of consistent review methods of faculty performance

MPH Curriculum Committee (description coming soon!)

Undergraduate Major Committee (description coming soon!)

For questions, more information, or to express interest in any of the above committees, please email PHSA’s Co-President, Cindy Beard, at cmbeard92@gmail.com!