Cary's Map of London 1818


Cary's map provides a detailed view of London in 1818 when Dr. John Snow, the prominent epidemiologist and anesthesiologist, was five years old.  At that time he was living in York, England, not yet starting his elementary schooling.  The other large maps at this site, London in 1846 During John Snow and  John Snow's London in 1859,  provides a similar view of the city, but at the middle and end of Dr. Snow's illustrious life.  With print date of January 1, 1818, Cary's map has 27 panels arranged in 3 rows of 9 panels, each measuring approximately 6 1/2 by 10 5/8 inches. The complete map measures 32 1/8 by 59 1/2 inches.  It can be viewed in two forms: high resolution (red box ) and medium resolution (black triangle ).  The green box () returns the viewer to this home page.  Click words at top of page for details on high and medium resolution.