During the early and mid-1800s, George Frederick Cruchley (1796-1880) produced some of the clearest and most attractive maps of London. His 1846 map shows the many sites that impacted the life of Dr. John Snow, the prominent epidemiologist and anesthesiologist who moved to London in 1836. This paper map, now in delicate condition, was of the type used by ordinary people to find their way in the city. Cruchley's 1846 map presents London at a scale of 3 3/4th inches to the mile, measures 16 3/4th by 24 7/8th inches, and is divided by lines into 25 panels comprised of five rows of five panels. It can be viewed in two forms: high resolution (click on "high resolution" for definition and  for map) and medium resolution (click on "medium resolution" for definition and for map).  The green box () returns the viewer to this home page.  Click words at top of page for details on high and medium resolution and at bottom of page for the map history and other related maps.