James Wyld's map of the region 25 miles around London in the mid-nineteenth century shows the many sites that impacted the life of Dr. John Snow, the prominent epidemiologist and anesthesiologist.  The other three large maps at this site, London in 1818 - Pre-John Snow, London in 1846 - During John Snow and John Snow's London in 1859,  provide a more detailed view of London, but do not reach the outlying regions surrounding the city.  With an estimated print date of 1872 (but nearly identical to the 1865 edition), James Wyld's map has 72 panels, arranged in 6 rows of 12 panels, each measuring approximately 4 1/8 by 7 inches. The complete map measures 43 by 52 5/8th inches.  It can be viewed in two forms: high resolution ( individual panels) and medium resolution ( sets of 4 panels).  The green box () returns the viewer to this home page.  Click words at top of page for details on high and medium resolution and at bottom of page on 1872 map details and other related maps.