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04 Oct 2004

Teachers and scholars may want to print the maps that John Snow use in describing the Broad Street pump cholera outbreak of 1854 (map 1) and the Grand Experiment of 1854 (map 2).  To do so, you will need to download two large files, the second of which may be very large.  Both are in PDF format, meaning they can be viewed with any Adobe Acrobat reader.  It also means that the files can be taken to a print store such as Kinkos and reproduced in a large format, perhaps a square or meter, appropriate for classroom presentations or discussions.

PDF Maps

To obtain the PDF files, click below. The Adobe reader should open on your computer, followed a short while later by the appearance of a high-resolution map. Once the map is fully loaded, it can be saved to a file folder in your computer. Be aware, however, that the files are very large.  Thus you should only attempt this with a high-speed internet connection.

Download snowmap1.pdf (5,698 KB)
Download snowmap1.pdf (very high resolution; 49,973 KB)
Download snowmap2.pdf (8,218 KB)
Download snowmap2.pdf (very high resolution; 424,101 KB)

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