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    There is no such thing as "HIA methodology." Rather, HIA borrows from a wide variety of fields including epidemiology, risk analysis, economics and other fields, adapting and applying methodologies as dictated by available data and the information needs of policy-makers and stakeholders. Detailing each of these methodologies, their strengths and their limitations in HIA is beyond the scope of this website. Whatever the mix of assessment methodologies, most HIAs follow the same general sequence of phases. We offer a brief explanation of these phases for those visitors seeking to become more familiar with HIA. You may also download a copy of a recent presentation on HIA (PDF format).

    UCLA Health Impact Decision Support Tool (DST)
    The UCLA Health Impact Decision Support Tool (DST) is a graphical, spreadsheet-based tool designed to help decision-makers systematically synthesize, weigh and compare evidence.

    UCLA School Physical Activity Opportunities Report Card (SPARC) Audit Tool

    The UCLA SPARC is an information tool for school decision-makers and stakeholders that assesses the amount and quality school-based opportunities for physical activity, including physical education classes, unstructured play time (i.e. recess), in-class activity breaks (e.g. Instant Recess) and after-school programs. 

    Using information on school facilities, scheduling and observations of student participation in physical activity, UCLA SPARC automatically generates graphs summarizing current opportunities for different periods of the day and highlighting where improvements can be made to even within existing schedules. 

    Schools can use the UCLA SPARC Audit Tool to informally plan and monitor progress towards providing more opportunities for physical activity that benefit students’ health and as well as academic performance.  Information from SPARC could potentially be incorporated into existing school reporting and public disclosure requirements, such as the federally mandated School Accountability Report Cards.

    • UCLA SPARC Audit Tool – blank form (MS-Excel)
    • UCLA SPARC Audit Tool – example of completed form and report (MS-Excel) (PDF)
    • UCLA SPARC Users’ Guide (PDF)
    • Sample Rapid HIA using UCLA SPARC Audit Tool (PDF coming soon)
    • SPARC Policy Brief (PDF)


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