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Starting in 1989, the Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center (SCIPRC) has originated, developed and expanded a strong program in injury prevention research, training and dissemination.  SCIPRC is located in one of the most diverse areas of both the world and the United States.  The seven southern California counties (Los Angeles; Orange; Ventura; San Diego; Imperial; San Bernardino; Riverside) have a combined population of 20,877,739 with 11.3% (N = 2,352,422) identifying as Asian and 42% (N = 8,767,470) identifying as Hispanic (2006 American Community Survey).  The SCIPRC has influenced research and training throughout California and the United States.  The Core Administration of the SCIPRC has continued to expand its extensive network of community-based organizations and governmental and educational institutions.  As the only California injury center based in a school of public health, the SCIPRC emphasizes a population-based approach to injury prevention and control. 


SCIPRC’s Mission is to discover and understand how injuries occur and how they can be prevented or their impact reduced, with particular attention to the diverse underserved populations, including immigrants, that reside in Southern California.

California is ranked number 1 in the proportion (27.2%) of residents that are foreign born, the proportion (42.5%) who speak a language other than English at home, and the proportion (20.1%) who speak English less than “very well.”  The SCIPRC emphasizes sound epidemiologic, statistical and methodological approaches that enhance our ability to determine whether programs and interventions result in strong, evidence-based findings that can be effectively disseminated and translated to the diverse settings found in southern California.

The SCIPRC’s emphasis on risk-factor assessment, prevention of injuries and the design and evaluation of programs focused on high-risk populations is consistent with Healthy People 2010 and its overarching goal of reducing morbidity and improving the quality of life.  The SCIPRC proposal addresses Healthy People 2010 objectives in the areas of Falls among the Elderly (15-27, 15-28, 22-2, 7-12), Violence (7-2, 7-11,15-32,15-34, 15-35, 15-37, 26-7), Residential fires (15-25), Environmental Health (8-21, 8-26), and Occupational Health and Safety (20-2).


      The specific aims of the SCIPRC are to: 

  1. Design, implement, and promote multidisciplinary research on the causes, severity, recovery, and prevention of all type of injuries, as well as test the fidelity, dissemination and translation of evidence-based programs in new populations and settings. 

  2. Develop, promote and expand training and educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, researchers and practitioners, with the goal of producing new injury-control professionals.   

  3. Expand, support and participate in collaborative community-based activities and provide service through information sharing, support, and technical assistance.

  4. Utilize the unique research opportunities available in Southern California to learn how to best implement injury prevention and control in a multi-ethnic community.

  5. Disseminate research findings in ways that maximize their application to practice and policy. 

  6. Maintain an organizational structure that facilitates and enhances effective implementation of the SCIPRC’s role in promoting research, disseminating new findings, training specialists in injury and violence control and prevention, and evaluating success and effectiveness of these efforts.


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